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The incredible soap test to confirm a pregnancy. Home pregnancy test

The incredible soap test to confirm a pregnancy. Home pregnancy test

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It is clear that the most reliable method to know if you are pregnant is to use a pharmacy pregnancy test, which measures the existence of a specific type of hormone present in pregnancy. Or also wait for the gynecologist's confirmation. But if you can be impatient, and you want to try a home method immediately, maybe this can help you: it is the home soap test.

We explain how to do, step by step, the incredible soap test to confirm a pregnancy. Pay attention and test whether the result is reliable or not.

There is no home pregnancy test as simple as this one. Above all because you only need a soap, nothing but a bar of soap. It is a very popular test in rural areas of many Latin American countries (especially Puerto Rico). The result may surprise you. Do you want to try? We explain how to do the soap test to find out if you are pregnant:

1. Find a bar of soap. Cuaba soap or 'lizard' soap is better. It is a soap that is widely used to wash clothes. The soap must be new (you cannot use one that you already wetted before).

2. You should do this test with the first urine of the morning. When you urinate, pour some urine into a plastic cup.

3. Put the soap in a small bowl or glass container. Try not to be a large container. It can also serve you a wide glass.

4. Pour the urine that you deposited in the plastic cup over the soap. It should cover it completely or at least it should cover much of the soap. Shake the soap a little.

5. Now take a good look at the reaction of the bar of soap with your urine: If you notice that the soap foams and begins to bubble, it is a sign that you are pregnant. If you do not see any type of reaction on the surface of the soap (you do not notice that it generates any type of foam or bubbles on the surface), you are not pregnant.

Remember that this is a home test, and then you must confirm the pregnancy with a specialist, who will definitely tell you if you are pregnant and what are the controls that you should carry out from that moment.

There are many other ways to check at home if you are pregnant according to many popular beliefs. You can also try the vinegar test, the sugar test, the chlorine test, the oil test ...

Once you confirm the pregnancy, You also have many techniques to know if you are expecting a boy or a girl. Do you know the Chinese table to know the sex of the baby? You can test with this table, and confirm the sex of the baby with an ultrasound.

Oil test to see if you are pregnant. We explain how to do the oil test to know if you are pregnant. A home pregnancy test that can make you suspicious of a possible pregnancy. Pay attention to the explanation to easily do the oil test to know if you are pregnant.

Vinegar test as a home pregnancy test. There is a formula that, although it is not 100% reliable, can put us on the suspicion of a pregnancy. This is the vinegar test to see if you are pregnant. It is an inexpensive home pregnancy test, easy to perform and that will give us an answer in a few minutes. In any case, the best and most reliable pregnancy test will be performed by a gynecologist.

Homemade chlorine test. We explain how to do the surprising home chlorine test to find out if you are pregnant, a very simple home test to do and that can get you out of your doubt. However, always remember that the definitive confirmation of a pregnancy should always be offered to you by a specialized doctor.

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Frog test to pregnancy test. It is easy to know if you are pregnant. Just by going to the pharmacy and buying a simple pregnancy test it is possible to know at home and in just a few minutes, if you are expecting a baby. But it is important to do the test well so as not to doubt the result and avoid doubts about whether you have done it well, because it can generate anguish and nervousness.

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