Organize fun games through video call at home with children

Organize fun games through video call at home with children

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When you cannot leave the house, there are certain privileges that are lost and, above all, that are missed: not being able to play cards with grandparents, not playing a game of Monopoly with the neighbors, not being able to laugh at jokes of classmates. What if instead of thinking negative we do it positive? What if instead of complaining on the couch we look for solutions? So is how you can organize a fun afternoon of games through a home video call with children to connect with family and friends.

Your child is bored of being at home and thinks that being locked in those four walls is the worst thing that can happen to him. I'm going to tell you something: you don't know what you're missing! Take your mobile, tablet and / or computer because the fun has only just begun.

Yes, I know that the whole family is thinking that it is a bit uncomfortable to organize an afternoon of games via video conference at home, but I can assure you from my own experience that once you start it is possible until your child forgets that his favorite aunt is not sitting next to you but is on the other side of the screen. In addition, some experts point out that this leisure proposal can help increase bonding, strengthen and strengthen ties and make the family feel more complete despite the distance.

If parents and children are glued to new technologies every day, why not use these to talk with those relatives who may be on the other side of the pond and, despite our regret, we cannot have them physically closer and, therefore, hug them all that we would like?

The first thing you have to do is find the application that you can best manage. If you have doubts, here we tell you the pros and cons of each one:

- Zoom It has very good sound and image quality and has no limit of participants, but you can only be connected for 40 minutes for free.

- If you choose video call by whatsapp You should know that it only admits calls to four, but it is the one that is closest to us. Who does not have whatsapp today?

- If you opt for Hangout, you have to open an account in gmail and sometimes the image is frozen. You can connect with a maximum of 10 people.

- Last we have Skype, which is a classic and, until the arrival of the previous ones, the most common. Disadvantages: connection problems are very common. Advantage: it supports 10 people, is available on all devices and is free.

Once you have chosen how to connect, you just have to follow the following tips to the letter. It will be unforgettable, you'll see!

- Make sure that your wifi and that of your friends and / or family works correctly. You don't want the game to be halved, right? You can do a test before with a member of your virtual party.

- As hosts of the event, your mission is to make everyone feel comfortable. And it is that, although at home you are a leader in the subject of new technologies, perhaps the grandparents do not dominate all the uses of the mobile. In addition, you may meet a family member who feels uncomfortable seeing themselves on camera.

- Prepare snacks. Yes, it is true that you will not have to put the tablecloth and the table with a lot of plates and cutlery, but to make it more real, what if you agree to prepare the same menu? For example, a potato omelette, some zucchini and cheese rolls and / or some popcorn.

Now it's your turn to define what you are going to play. Playing cards may be difficult, but bingo, a joke marathon, or movie guessing are all very feasible options. Games that are valid with the only participation of your guests. Here we give you some ideas!

- Ride a treasure hunt
Select a theme (it could be anything from animals to artifacts, for example), and then set a timer, for example 60 seconds. Then everyone has to run and collect all the objects before time runs out.

- Karaoke
Challenge family and friends to a game of karaoke. Just look up some songs on YouTube and have everyone sing the lyrics together. Don't have a microphone? A hairbrush will do the trick.

- Mysterious questions
Younger children tend to be more embarrassed to stand in front of the camera and talk, so this idea can help you loosen up and relax: interviewer for a day. The questions you ask can be simple, for example, 'What did you eat for breakfast?

- Dance in the distance
It's time to move the skeleton! And you can be in front of the screen, but up and shaking your body to the sound of the music. How about?

- A game of pictionary
It is not just a fun game, but a proposal that can also work very well in the field of video chat. To take out the Picasso that you carry inside and to paint it has been said!

It may be that despite having everything organized, things do not go the way your son and you would like. No getting sad or frustrated, it's all part of the fun and entertainment!

And, as each child has their needs and their development, here are games that you can play in your virtual encounters according to the child's age.

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