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How to avoid the emotional blockage of children and parents by the quarantine

How to avoid the emotional blockage of children and parents by the quarantine

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Emotional Intelligence is a very valuable and very useful tool for these times of coronavirus quarantine that run all over the world. A good self-knowledge and an adequate and optimal management of emotions can help us greatly in these days, in which many countries are already forcing confinement to homes. And it is that this situation, which we have never faced, can cause an emotional block in children and parents that we must learn to manage.

We start from the basis that we are experiencing a unique, extreme, alert situation, which requires a series of measures and restrictions to which we are not accustomed and that completely break with our routine (Blessed and wonderful routine!) And with the normality with which we have been living, both adults and our children.

No more outings to the park, field trips, cinema, shopping centers, meeting friends ... What a priori may sound fascinating, when they decree 'stay at home', it can become a real madness and generate many moments of stress, of loss of nerves and of great difficulty to find calm.

When our brain learns something, such as riding a bicycle, even if years have passed without us having practiced it, if there were a situation that involves the need to drive a bicycle, we could do it, since we have had previous experience and we will know how to react; In this case, our brain does not have previous experiences to similar situations, therefore, as much as it searches its hard disk for information about it in order to act and respond, it cannot find it and this emotional block, generated by the imbalance between brain and emotion, can generate reactive or fear responses, unpleasant and totally maladaptive situations.

As I said at the beginning, self-knowledge is the basis of emotional intelligence and for me also of life, and this is the time to review how and where our emotions are.

In these times due to the great crisis that the coronavirus is leaving, it is normal that our emotions are on the surface. Therefore, and to manage this emotional blockage, below I propose a series of keys on which you have to reflect and apply to your day to day.

1. Be aware of your emotions and observe. Don't judge yourself.

2. Understands that your sons and daughters are also, at times, like a roller coaster of emotions.

3. It's time to breathe. What about you have to stopA, we already know, confinement to homes is being imposed in more and more countries and taking a deep breath to seek calm is a primary task.

4. Relax your demands and yours, now is the time to dose the energies, resources and tasks.

5. Remember that fear can limit us. Share with other adults what scares you at the moment, realize if it is limiting you and see what is in your hands or what resources you can access.

Another technique that can help you, as stated in the document 'PsiCOVIDa-10. Useful information, guidelines and dynamics for the entire population 'created by a group of psychologists and psychopedagogues such as Isabel García or Laura Fuster, is to write down on paper what makes you afraid of this situation. Then ask yourself questions like: How likely is this to happen? How could you act if it took place? Is it useful for your day to day to have that fear? This analysis will help you manage your fears in this coronavirus quarantine situation.

6. The sadness for not seeing our own, for having limited circulation and ultimately, our freedom, not only causes us pain but also generates anger and rage. And that anger can frustrate us. At this point, breathe again and try to think about what is in your power.

7. Is there room for alegrías right now? Of course. There are quantity and quantity of people who are more focused than ever on others, they do not stop sharing resources, materials and aids to better carry out confinement. Look for the ones that suit you.

We face a long-distance race and every day we must train, allowing ourselves, which is also legal, to break down at some point. Let's protect ourselves to protect to others.

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