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Spring and children

Spring and children

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Spring is coming and with it the desire to leave home with the children to enjoy nature, flowers, birds, butterflies, ducks ... Everything changes in spring! An excellent opportunity for children to increase their learning about nature. Spring invites us to play outside, to explore fields, forests, to learn a lot about flowers and animals, and thus increase our creativity. In many parts of the planet it is already spring.

Nature, now tinged with colors, awakens a desire in children for everything that is around them. Children ask questions, talk, investigate, explore, experiment and try to make sense of everything that relates to the environment.

Given the restlessness and curiosity of children, parents and educators can satisfy them by doing activities that encourage exploration and interaction with the environment, and that stimulate their self-esteem, dialogue, reflection, affectivity, etc. All within an educational work oriented to the interests of the child and their training through play and the pleasure of having fun.

In spring, a trip to the park, a walk through a garden, a trip to the country, or simply the way to and from school ... It is the ideal setting to start this pleasant adventure. So go ahead!

Spring can be very interesting to children. Here are some tasks that you can do with children in this season of flowers, colors and special aromas.

- We can calmly look at the animals we find in our path and that now come out with the sun: ladybugs, snails, birds, lizards, slugs ... Listen to the trills of the birds, the murmur of the river ... In this way the hearing is also stimulated.

- We realize that the trees that until now had no leaves, begin to have flowers, and others some buttons (buds) from which we will see how a few leaves will gradually emerge. We touch the trunk, the leaves ... (thus we stimulate the sense of touch).

- If we go with a field backpack (bag in which they carry a notebook and a pen or pencil) they can go collecting samples and data from your investigations. For example, by supporting a piece of paper on a log and passing a pencil over it, we can check, by the marks left on the paper, the difference in the drawings between the different logs.

- We started to see and enjoy the different flowers that are sprouting. We smell its aromas (also that of compost). Thus we stimulate the sense of smell.

- We also observe the different jobs gardeners are doing: prune trees, open new tree pits (holes) to place small trees that will later give us good shade, fertilize the soil, etc. Surely on our walk if we meet a gardener, we can ask him something about his work and he will kindly answer us.

- Every morning when we get up we can see how the weather changes and we think with mom or dad what clothes we wear depending on the weather (rain, sun, cold, heat, wind ...). At the same time, a sun, a cloud, a cloud covering the sun, an umbrella, as appropriate, can be painted on the calendar. Children really like to see how the months go by to pass to all suns in summer.

- With the palate, we can taste the flavors of spring. In this season, fruits and vegetables abound that provide the body with a good source of vitamins and minerals. You can take a walk through a market, supermarket, orchard or farm, to find out what comes with spring. For example, peas, white and wild asparagus, beets, as well as strawberries, kiwis, avocados, grapefruit, oranges, pears, etc.

With our senses, we learn to observe, ask, investigate, and get excited about the little things. As a reinforcement of everything we have seen that day, we can ask the children to draw a picture of what they liked the most. On the other hand, we can search the Internet Coloring Pages of different animals and plants or flowers that we can then place on our windows, which decorate and brighten the room, and help them to better remember what they have learned.

With the voice, we can sing with the children songs about the different animals they see (snail, spider, ladybug ...) about spring, sun, rain ... All these songs, in addition to motivating them, can help to the children to know and pay attention to the new vocabulary, to practice its correct pronunciation, to connect emotionally with what they sing and consequently, to freely express their feelings.

You can also read some of the beautiful stories about spring or learn and recite some poetry in honor of this season of the year. You will have a great time all together!

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