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21 powerful names for boys and girls that spell great success

21 powerful names for boys and girls that spell great success

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There is little left for you to meet your beloved baby, but something essential worries you, you do not have a name! Choosing a name for your daughter or son is not easy, so we want to help you. We present you a great idea to choose your baby's name, and it is to do it with the intention that they will always be successful and lucky. We introduce you 21 powerful names for boys and girls that promise a lot of success.

Many names have meanings that somehow mark the personality of people, so why not choose a name for your baby with which you know that success will always be on his side? Keep reading, because we will tell you what these names are, first for girls and then for boys.

1. Congratulate
A rare and original name, whose origin comes from Latin and which means 'the one who is always lucky and happy'. Isn't it lovely?

2. Victory
Name that in Latin means 'winner' or 'conqueror'. There is no better name to ensure success for your baby.

3. Anjali
Of Sanskrit origin, in India it is considered that women who bear this name will always have a successful life, since its meaning is 'messenger angel', 'gift' or 'tribute'.

4. Ghanima
A name that comes from Swahili and whose meaning is 'prosperity' and 'good fortune', so if your daughter is called like that, she will always be lucky.

5. Roxana
The meaning of this beautiful name of Persian origin is 'dawn' or 'star', so good fortune will always be next to any Roxana.

6. Aurora
As its name suggests, it means 'dawn' and 'goddess of dawn'. It is a name that gives a strong and bright personality to whoever wears it. It is of Latin origin.

7. Zarina
The literal meaning of this name of African origin is 'gold' and 'golden', so if you choose this name for your baby, good fortune will always accompany you. You like?

8. Arisha
Of Hebrew origin, it means 'the one who will build something important' so success will be assured for those who have this name, as they will be able to forge it themselves.

9. Kazumi
Its Japanese meaning is 'beautiful harmony', so the person who bears this name will always find a way to achieve just success.

10. Amaia
A name of Basque origin with several meanings that augur success: 'high place', 'beginning of the end' and 'resolution'. With this name, your baby can go wherever he wants.

11. Michelle
With this name of biblical origin, luck will be with your baby, since its meaning is 'who is like God'

If in the ultrasounds you have already confirmed the sex of your baby and everything indicates that it will be a beautiful and healthy child, here you also have names for boys that are linked to good luck, success and prosperity.

12. Matt
Of Hebrew origin, this name means 'gift from God', so it is sure to bring success to your baby.

13. Faust
'Luck' is the literal meaning of this name whose origin comes from Latin. Therefore, any Faust will always be a happy, prosperous and happy person.

14. Kiran
Of Sanskrit origin, this original name means 'ray of light', so any child who wears it will always be blessed with success and hope.

15. Eduardo
Of Basque and Gaelic origin, it means 'the one who has wealth' or 'the one who keeps abundance'. Therefore, if your son is called like that, he will not only reap financial success, but he will know how to manage it. Good for him!

16. Osher
This name of Hebrew origin means 'happiness' and 'good fortune'. Maybe it's the one for your baby ...

17. Cyrus
'The one who bears the throne' or 'royal' is the meaning of this Basque name. If you choose it for your baby, it will always be successful, of course, along with an important responsibility.

18. Rigoberto
It is a common name in Latin America, whose nickname is Rigo. It means 'full of wealth' or 'bright wealth', so luck and success will always accompany anyone with this name.

19. Connor
Success requires a lot of willpower, and this is precisely what lies behind this beautiful name of Scottish Gaelic origin. By the way, it means 'the one who is much loved' and 'lover of hunting dogs'.

20. Eloy
From Latin roots, this beautiful name means 'the chosen one' or also 'renowned warrior'. He who bears this name will reap many successes after hard personal work.

21. Steve
In both its English and Spanish versions, Esteban, this name of Greek origin means 'crown' and, therefore, 'the one who bears the crown'. If you like him for your baby, you will always know that he will be a highly praised and loved person.

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