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7 habits of the coronavirus crisis that reinforce parents and children

7 habits of the coronavirus crisis that reinforce parents and children

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The coronavirus has put us in the face of fear. Staying home, confined to prevent the spread of the virus, is a complicated sacrifice, especially for families with young children. However, the quarantine situation also brings us some interesting family learnings that we have to reflect on and learn about. We talk about some of the habits that the coronavirus crisis has made us acquire and that reinforce the relationship between parents and children.

In a society that was forgetting about the other and focusing on their selfishness, closing borders, building walls ... Now it puts us in the hands of compassion and co-responsibility. We have become aware that what you do at this moment for yourself, you are doing for others, what others do, they are also doing for you ... We are moving towards a collective conscience where the other is as important as you.

We have increased the attention and care of all those around us. We are not used to taking care of others, since we hardly have time for ourselves. Humanity realizes that it can only advance, if we take care of each other.

Promptness and speed are two of the components that dominate us today. However, the new circumstances brought about by the coronavirus are inviting us to stop and look inside; something that we already knew was necessary and that we would save for when we had time.

Don't you think they are the best values ​​to pass on to our children? And not in a theoretical way, but with practice, day by day. Show them what it means to be responsible for oneself to help others, show them the concept of compassion, unity, love, caring for others ...

Learning is derived from every experience, and we can already say that thanks to the coronavirus we are going to include new habits and healthy improvements in the family relationship.

1. We will spend more time with the family
Quarantine and confinement 'invite' us to spend more time at home, living with our children, improving communication and enjoying the presence of each one of us. I know, there will also be desperate moments, but there will be our awareness for this present moment that we live. Dad and mom or dad and dad or mom and mom, together in parenting, without delegating the education of the children ...

2. We will decrease pollution
Fewer cars on the street, less noise, less consumption… Air quality will improve. Climate change will advance positively. We will enhance the legacy to our children.

3. We will learn values ​​and improve discriminatory ideologies
We will think better how those people who we discriminate based on sex, race or origin feel ... A rising value to teach our children these days. This coronavirus crisis is also teaching us values ​​such as empathy.

4. We will bet on the slow life (even if it's only a few days)
We will appreciate the stillness that gives us the calm of being at home, working and with the family, but at home ... a new perspective that only you will know where it takes you, because each of us will obtain personalized learning. Let's help children to appreciate and value what they have at home.

5. We will learn from boredom
We will have time to discover what to do with time ... This wish, which we all pursue but which we cannot achieve on a daily basis, has finally come true for all of us. Do we know what to do with our time without a specific purpose? How will we use it? What are we going to transmit to the family with the use of this time?

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6. We will get closer to ours
We have abused the virtual environment for our relationships and contacts. Now the coronavirus offers us the opportunity to feel, get closer and get away from the coldness of technological environments, because we are at home! Accompanied by each other and connected.

7. We will learn what stewardship is
We will add to our vocabulary the word CORRESPONSIBILITY giving it the value it deserves in our daily use… And does this mean? He comes to explain that each one of us counts; you are part of something bigger than yourself. Don't stop showing this concept to your child.

We must also focus on the day to day, living the present as it presents itself. We appeal to creativity to make our days more positive. Let's focus on what we can do! And let's stop thinking about what we can't do.

Finally, let's take the opportunity to review our way of educating children. From our site we are sure that these days will make values, communication and family love, part of a better world.

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