If I were dad. Short play for children on Father's Day

If I were dad. Short play for children on Father's Day

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How about the idea of gift dad a play for Father's Day? But not just any play, but one of the most special in which the children are the actors and the parents are the spectators. Do you want to see the script of the play that has occurred to us in GuiaInfantil? We have entitled it: 'If I were daddy' and we have written it with great affection. Suggest that your children perform it at home during the most special day for all parents, guaranteed success!

The plays are perfect as entertainment, as a tool to teach children different values ​​and are also ideal as gifts. So, as Father's Day approaches, how about giving him a very special play? This script proposes that the children be the great actors and the parents the spectators eager to clap and shout 'bravo!'.

Work description: 'If I Were Dad' is a loving play to thank parents for all the love and dedication they give to their children; in it we will see the stories of some children who have used their imagination and have assumed the role of parents. Laughter and good times are guaranteed.

Characters: Gael, Diego and Ana in the role of brothers. You can adapt the script for this short play to include as many characters as you like. You can also tell the children to include an extra scene in their handwriting.

Necessary material for the staging: common things in the house, shoes, tie, hat ... from dad, some special drawings for dad and really wanting to have a great time and laugh out loud.

Place for representation: a house.

The curtain opens, the brothers are seen talking in the room.

Gael: Guys, what do you think if we play ball?

Diego: Okay, we can't, you know that mom and dad don't like us to play ball at home because we make noise.

Ana: What a roll! What can we play?

Gael: I already know it! To the races.

Diego and Ana: Not! That we make noise and they will scold us.

Gael: Being a child is a bummer, they always tell us no to the things we like the most.

Ana and Diego: You're right.

Gael: When I am a father I will tell my children to everything yes.

Ana: Even if they ask you for chocolate every day?

Diego: Even if they want to see the drawings all day?

Gael: (with a doubtful face) Well, I don't know, maybe this being a mom or a dad isn't that simple.

AnaWell, yes, also, parents do many things for us.

Diego: What if we tell them how much we love them?

Ana: We tell them that we love them and also that we are very happy that they are our parents.

Gael: Voucher! We will tell you, but in a very special way.

(The children speak in low voices as they are hatching a plan)

The curtain closes.

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(For this scene and the next we will prepare some costumes: tie, shoes, hat ... and the Father's Day drawings)

The curtain rises, the children are seen together next to their parents.

Gael: (turns to his parents) Mom, Dad, we've thought of something.

Diego: Yes, we want you to know that even if you tell us many times no to the things we like, we love you very much because you always take care of us.

Ana: And since it's Father's Day, we're going to do a super cool thing.

Gael: Are you ready?

(The parents say yes full of illusion)

Ana: (takes his tie and puts it on to imitate his father) Children, hush! Now I can't play, I have a lot of work to do.

Diego: (puts on daddy's shoes and imitates him) Now we can't go outside, it's time to do our homework.

Gael: (He wears his father's hat) Didn't I already tell you to pick up the room? You have all the toys lying on the ground.

Ana: (addresses the spectating parents) We have thought that if we were mothers and fathers we would always be playing with the children.

Gael: Yes, and then we have realized that many of these things you tell us because they are necessary.

Diego: Don't move! The show have not finished yet.

The three children leave the scene, the curtain closes.

The curtain opens, the children are again in front of their parents this time with some beautiful drawings behind in their hands.

Diego: Dear Dad, thank you for playing with us and for teaching us things.

Gael: Thank you also for making us lunch and for taking us to the park.

Ana: And for picking us up from school and thank you also for the delicious Friday snacks that you always prepare for us.

Diego: You don't always scold us, you also make us laugh.

Ana: You also let us watch TV for a little bit every day.

Gael: And you also take care of us and pamper us a lot.

Ana: (gives the picture to his father) This is your gift for Father's Day, a picture in which we are all taking a walk together. I hope you like it!

Diego: I have drawn you a few yellow flowers, I know they are your favorites.

Gael: In the drawing that I have made for you, we are all at home sitting on the sofa reading a story, it is my favorite time of the day.

Everyone: Happy Father's Day!

(The children turn on the radio and encourage their parents to sing and dance)

The curtain closes, end of the play.

Did you like the play that we have prepared for the Father's day? Do you think it is a good idea to do with the children and to represent in front of the parents? Surely yes!

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