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7 songs for kids to have fun while washing their hands

7 songs for kids to have fun while washing their hands

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Hygiene habits are essential to keep diseases out of us. And it does not matter whether we are in the time of coronavirus or not: children must be taught to wash their hands. At first this life-saving gesture may be boring and tedious, but at Guianfantil we have found a method for this activity to become fun: music. These are the 7 songs for children to wash their hands correctly.

Teaching our children to wash their hands properly can be one of those unexpected challenges for parents, and it is that we will always have our doubts about whether we will get them to do it really well. Will they ever learn to actually use soap?

Proper hand washing technique dictates that washing with soap and water should last at least 20 seconds. During this process, parents must make sure that the little ones in the house wash on both sides, on the inside and outside of the hands, but also between the fingers and under the nails.

I know my daughters don't always wash as well as they should, and the struggle to get their hands under the faucet and rub them properly is ongoing. To make sure they wash their hands for the right amount of time, it occurred to me to accompany this gesture with nursery rhymes that last about the same time they should wash their hands, at least 20 seconds.

It is a way for them to control their own time and also to be responsible for their actions. So I don't have to be behind them all the time. After making sure they do it properly and follow the steps, they already know their time.

You have to be optimistic, they will succeed with this trick! Singing some songs while they are in the bathroom doing this can ensure that our little ones keep their hands somewhere near the sink for as long as it takes to free themselves of germs.

1. Happy Birthday
Almost all children know the lyrics to the song 'Happy Birthday' and singing this song twice takes about the same amount of time as proper hand washing. If your kids are like mine, they might try to sing the song as fast as possible. If they do, tell them to repeat it a third time.

2. An elephant ...
Washing your hands frequently can help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria and is the best way to keep your family from getting sick. For younger children who are just getting started with numbers, this proposal is perfect. 'An elephant was balancing on a spider's web, as he saw that it did not fall, they went to call another elephant' ... If they make three elephants, it will be covered!

3. Estrellita, where are you?
This song is, along with that of 'Happy Birthday', one of the most famous and recognizable by children and also by parents. If you are very tired of hearing it, you can ask your children to alternate it every day with some other that we propose.

4. The alphabet in English
What if in addition to instilling good hygiene habits in our children, we review English? The classic alphabet song is the typical one that most children learn when they are young, so it is quite easy for them to remember how to sing it while washing their hands. If your kids try to rush into singing their ABCs, remind them that singing it fast means they will have to sing it two or three times. If you sing slowly, just once should record about 20 seconds.

5. The dairy cow
Music is an excellent tool to stimulate children and to push and encourage them to do a lot of things, like washing their hands. Do we remember the lyrics of this song? 'I have a dairy cow, it is not just any cow. He gives me meringue milk. Oh, what a salty cow. Toulon, Toulon, Toulon, Toulon '.

6. The frog sang under the water
This song has no end, it is so addictive that you are going to have to 'scold' your children for spending too much time with their upper limbs under water. They can do the slow version or the fast version, because it works for everything. In addition, with its funny lyrics you can learn more about nature and animals.

7. good morning
If you are a very singing family in your family, you can choose a song for the different times of the day when it is necessary to wash your hands: before having breakfast or eating any other meal, after playing with the pet, when you get home from the street, if you are going to handle food, after coughing or sneezing and, of course, after going to the bathroom. What do you think about the idea?

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