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Guidelines for teleworking with children at home. Reconcile work and children

Guidelines for teleworking with children at home. Reconcile work and children

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Spending more time with children is a wish that many parents have, so trying to negotiate the option of teleworking with your company is a great opportunity. You will avoid wasting an hour on the way out and another on the way back and, therefore, it will allow you to invest that time with your children. The problem occurs when special situations occur, such as the one living with the coronavirus, and it touches teleworking with children at home. How to reconcile work and children without despair? It is difficult, everything is said, but it is possible!

And as I write this article, which corresponds to one of my functions today, I have my oldest daughter behind me watching me. I don't always leave her, what's more, I set her 'visiting' hours to my makeshift office. But it is not the only measure I have chosen. Here I tell you more, in case they can help you, and to show you how easy or difficult it is to reconcile work with children at home.

- Schedule
The most important thing is to establish a schedule or, rather, replicate the schedule that is established in your office so that everything remains as before. That would be the ideal, but since the factor of children comes into play here, you can also ask your bosses for a change of schedule, for the good of all. For example, instead of starting at 9:00 in the morning, do it at 7:00 and thus you gain those two hours in which your daughters are asleep to advance more in your work and then be with them.

- Workplace
This is a job, the way to bring money home and the income that allows you to live. That is why if you are teleworking from home you have to create a correct work environment: a place just for you (it is not useful to be moving from one room to another) that allows you to have your things at hand and, above all, helps you concentrate and develop your work 100%. You can put on a small bonsai, a photo of your last family vacation, an evocative wallpaper ...

- Discipline
Working from home involves a lot of responsibility on your part. You have to comply with your schedule, with your duties, with your chores. You have to believe it! And for this, nothing better than establishing a discipline and taking care of yourself inside and out. If you painted yourself to go to your office, why don't you do it now? If every day you 'lost' 15 minutes choosing your outfit, do it now too!

- Concentration
When you're at home with kids as your 'soundtrack', it can take a while to focus for a long time. Putting on your headphones with relaxing music or music from your favorite group can make it easier for you to be more present. And, another tip, during your work hours you work. Nothing to be aware of the washing machine or food for that day.

- breaks
Away with the stresses and pressures. It does not consist of sitting without being able to go to the bathroom 8 hours a day. The most advisable thing for your health is to take breaks of five minutes every 60 to take your eyes off the computer and give your eyes a break. Also take advantage of those breaks to hydrate yourself and to eat something. A fruit in the middle of the morning will help you recharge your batteries until lunchtime.

- Cast
In special cases like the coronavirus, teleworking is occurring in both women and men. If this is your case, the household arrangements can be shared!

The truth is that the experience of teleworking, even with children at home, is being, for now, more positive than I thought. Although I hope and wish that the coronavirus will end soon (unfortunately I believe that it will not be like that and that this situation will last longer than desired), this circumstance will allow us to grow as a family, but much more.

- My daughters see first-hand what my work means and what I do. Maybe this way, it will help them to find (the oldest is 9 years old) their secret vocation and, hey, if they decide to be a journalist, I'm delighted! I will support you to the fullest!

- They are also looking at what a job really is and what the implications are. I mean that you have to be responsible, get out of bed every morning at an hour, strive to do things right, meet goals ...

- Another of the things that this experience of teleworking with daughters is giving us is the possibility of work patience. They are understanding, little by little, that it is not a vacation and that they have to respect what mom does.

- On the other hand, I must understand too (here comes another important value for their education, which is empathy) that they want to do things with me, so from time to time, I allow them to break the rules and see my day to day (they are excited about photoshop).

- And as the experts always say, the example is the best tool to transmit values. They are have set up their own 'workplace' to do your homework within your established workday. They repeat what they see, of course!

Now it only remains that the results accompany us, that the effort has been worth it and, above all, that we can regain our routine. Although without forgetting, as a report from the Barcelona City Council called The White Paper on Teleworking says, teleworking has benefits for the company, for the worker and for society.

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