Glenn Doman method to develop the capacities of the child

The Doman method or also called the Philadelphia method arises from the studies and research they do on the treatment of children with brain injuries, neurologists and specialists coordinated by the doctor Glenn doman.

The basis of these studies considers that although there are dead neurons due to these injuries, there are still neurons alive and with adequate stimulation at an early age these neurons can learn to establish the necessary connections to perform the functions of those that are no longer there.

So the Doman method tries to make the most of children's abilities, to maximize their learning possibilities. The purpose of this method is for the child to achieve comprehensive development, that is, intellectual, physical, emotional and social development.

The Doman method is based on inputs and outputs. That is, the child is presented with a type of information and gives information to show that he has managed to process that information. With this method, the aim is to provide the child's brain with the appropriate stimuli both in intensity and in frequency and clarity to promote their development and that the child also enjoy this process.

These stimuli (information) are called Intelligence bits. These can be processed by any of the sensory pathways: hearing, vision, touch, smell and taste. Therefore, if we group these bits into categories, the formation of neural connections can be favored. These categories will be classified according to the branch of knowledge they belong to and within each of these branches the type of information that will reach the child is selected according to their age, level of development and interest.

For these Bits to function as adequate stimuli, they must be novel, simple, concrete and essential for the child. The Glenn Doman method of developing children's abilities is divided into the intelligence program, the artistic skills program (music and drawing), the writing and reading program, the math program, the language program and the developmental program. physical.

This method is based on pedagogical principles that must be respected if it is to be applied in an affective way. For this, some recommendations must be followed:

- The child must enjoy learning and have fun.

- This method is based on repetition, so it is very important that the routines of the program are followed.

- The sessions must be short so that the child does not get tired and wants more.

It is also very important in the treatment of the so-called intelligence bits. The stimuli must be adequate and to achieve this they must be worked with properly. To do this, a few days before starting the work, the children will be presented with stimuli in groups of five and told that a game will be played in a few days.

Once the game with the stimuli begins, we must:

- Provide a suitable environment. Children must pay attention and be silent and stimuli have to be presented in a fun way for them.

- Use a space free of distractions.

- When the category to be worked on is announced, the stimuli (Bits) must be presented one by one and quickly.

- You have to leave a time between one group of stimuli and the next.

- It is presented in the next group how it was done with the previous one and this is done until all categories are presented.

- Then you have to thank and praise the behavior of the children at the end of the session.

- These sessions will be repeated for several days, gradually increasing the number of stimuli and groups.

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