Rogelio, the grumpy one. Short play for children about anger

Rogelio, the grumpy one. Short play for children about anger

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Acting out short plays with boys and girls is, in addition to being a perfect hobby, a great way to teach them different things like values ​​and managing emotions. In Children's Guide we have developed the script for a short play for children about angerWith this, the little ones will see that all, many times, we notice an explosion of anger inside, but that it is just another feeling that must be expressed in words.

Make yourself comfortable, this is where 'Rogelio, the Grumpy Rabbit' begins, a short play about the emotion of anger.

The short play 'Rogelio, the grumpy rabbit' talks about anger, on the importance of knowing this emotion and how, little by little and with the help of others, learn to manage it and not let our bad mood, in this case that of the little rabbit Rogelio, interfere in our day to day or in relationships with others.

Many times boys and girls they don't know how to control anger they notice inside them in situations in which things do not go their way, for example, when television is over or when we tell them that we are not going to buy the toy they ask for. That's when they yell, kick, or even curse and hit. What can we do then? Well, talk to them calmly, explain that they can express how you feel calmly and offer them different tools such as stories and the play that we propose here.

Work description: In a small forest lived Rogelio, a moody rabbit, with his parents and his little brother. Every afternoon, he would go out to play in the valley with the other animals but he always came back angry for some reason. One day, his friends, tired of Rogelio's bad mood, decided to teach him a lesson. Boy they did!

Characters: Rogelio, his parents, his brother Pepe, Lucas the duck, Sara the squirrel and Paco the owl.

Place of action: the forest.

The curtain opens, Rogelio is at home playing.

Mother: Honey, I think it's time for you to stop playing games and start doing the writing that they have sent you at school.

(Rogelio looks at his mother but says nothing and continues playing)

Mother: Have you heard me? If you need help with homework you just have to tell me.

(Rogelio continues without saying a word)

Mother: Honey, you don't listen to me. If you don't do the writing now you will have to do it later and I don't know if you will have time to go play in the valley with your friends.

Rogelio: (gets up grumpily, picks up one of his toys and throws it on the ground) I want to go play in the valley!

Mother: I know, that's why I tell you to do your homework now, so that later you have time to go play outside.

(At that moment dad and brother Pepe enter the scene)

Pepe: How fun this game is, Dad!

Father: I know I also like it a lot.

Rogelio: Damn, Pepe doesn't have to do homework.

Father: I know, that's because he's still little, but he'll do it when he grows up.

Rogelio: I don't want to do my homework. (He goes to his room slamming the door)

(After a while it's time to go play in the valley)

Rogelio: (leaves the room and asks) Can I go to the valley?

Father: Okay, but just for a bit, then you'll have to do the writing.

Rogelio: It's okay. (Leaves home to go to the valley)

The curtain closes.

The curtain rises. Rogelio, his brother Pepe, Lucas the duck, Sara the squirrel and Paco the owl are in the valley.

Pepe: Look! There is a butterfly there.

Sara: How pretty!

Paco: That reminds me that my writing for the week was made of butterflies and other animals that can fly. Now I only have the drawing, I think I'm going to draw the one that Pepe has found.

Sara: I have made my writing of tigers, they are my favorite animals.

Luke: Well, I about birds, I only have to color the drawing.

Sara: (goes to Rogelio) What have you made it of?

Rogelio: I have not started yet. I did not want to.

Luke: But then when you get home you will be more tired.

(Rogelio starts to get angry but doesn't say anything)

Luke: Shall we play tag?

Everyone: okay!

(They start running one after the other, Rogelio is the first to pick her up)

Rogelio: You run a lot, I don't want to play this anymore.

Pepe: It is fun!

Luke: It's true, this running is great.

Rogelio: Not! (Gives Paco a push and runs off)

Sara: He's already angry again.

Luke: It is always the same. I think we should do something to help him.

Paco: (speaks softly) I have an idea ...

(The friends go in a circle to plan something)

The curtain closes.

The curtain rises. The friends are back in the forest.

Sara: (in a low voice) Here comes Rogelio, remember what our plan is.

Everyone: Agree.

Rogelio: Hello.

Everyone: Hello, Rogelio.

Luke: Would you like to play hide and seek?

Everyone: Voucher.

(The friends hide, Sara is the one who looks for and finds Rogelio first)

Rogelio: That's cheating, you looked. (Sits on a bench and throws a stone)

Sara: Red.

Rogelio: What have you said?

Luke: Blue.

Paco: Green.

Rogelio: (makes a surprised face) What's wrong with all of you?

Pepe: (he does not understand very well what happens but since he likes colors he also says one) Yellow.

Rogelio: (He has forgotten his bad mood for a moment and decides to laugh). Let's play another match?

Everyone: Well of course.

(After a while Rogelio's father comes to look for them because he still has to do the writing)

Rogelio: (when he sees his dad he hides behind a big stone) I don't want to go!

Father: It's late and you have to do things.

Rogelio: Not!

All the friends: Red Blue Green.

Rogelio: You are already like the colors. (Again he forgets his anger, shakes hands with his dad, says goodbye to his friends and goes home)

Rogelio: Dad, why do my friends say those colors?

FatherWell, I'm not sure but I think it's to tell you not to get so angry.

Rogelio: Do I really get so angry?

Pepe: Well yes, you get very angry and when you do you throw things and push.

Rogelio: Wow, it's true, I hadn't stopped to think about it. Okay, from now on when I see that I have a bad mood I will say a color to try to make it go away.

Father: I find it as a great idea. Do you know what else you can do?

Rogelio: The what?

Father: Well, talk and say why you are angry, if we express what we feel the anger goes away as if by magic.

Rogelio: Ok, I'm going to try.

(They arrive home and Rogelio gives his mother a big hug)

The curtain closes.

End of the play on anger. Did you like it?

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