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The power of nuts to get pregnant

The power of nuts to get pregnant

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When we begin to plan to get pregnant, many new habits and changes can arise in our life, but without a doubt one of the most effective is to incorporate foods that are useful for this purpose into our diet. There are many types of diets and foods, but walnuts are one of our oldest allies, being part of numerous dishes designed for fertility in ancient civilizations such as Persia or Egypt, as well as having great scientific reference. Discover the role and the power of nuts to get pregnant.

First of all, walnuts are part of dried fruit, and as a dried fruit (not dried fruit, such as dates) they have in common a large amount of energy, that is, calories, mainly in the form of fats. To give us an idea, 60% of the nut would be fat. Be careful, not all nuts are the same, some of the best known and most appreciated would be pecan, macadamia, and the one we normally eat is the Junglans variety, of which the most valued are the Castile and California walnuts.

In general, walnuts are high in fat, but not all fats are created equal. We have to think that our body has a high water content, and to separate that water by areas we need a barrier. That barrier is fats, which form the lipid layer of all cells in our body. So imagine how important is the type of fat we consume.

Therefore, our body is capable of synthesizing a good part of types of fats to be able to use it in different organic processes, but there are other types of fats that we have to ingest in order to incorporate them: AGE (essential fatty acids), such as the well-known Omega 3 and Omega 6s.

And here the nuts win by a landslide, since 68% of the lipids in the walnut belong to polyunsaturated fatty acids (AGP), from which we would obtain Omega 3. And of the previous varieties, both California and Castile would have the highest value in Omega 3. On the other hand, pecan and macadamia have more omega 9, which is the majority of olive oil, very balanced in nutrients, but our body is capable of synthesizing it, and it would not be such an abundant source of omega 3.

We must look at two of its active components, that is, they have a role on the organic functions of our body. The components that will help are omega 3 and selenium.

- Omega 3 They are fundamental in the anti-inflammatory process of our membranes and our reproductive system does not stop having membranes and mucous membranes as well. So if you suffer from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) or endometriosis (inflammation of endometrial tissues outside the uterine cavity) it is clear that you have to include them in your menu with omega 3 foods.

- Selenium, on the other hand, it improves thyroid function, thus increasing the chances of pregnancy. But not only for women, since the quality of the sperm is also benefited by the omega 3 and selenium content of the walnuts.

To include them in our diet, first of all it is important to know the daily amount, since, although they are very good for health, it is not advisable to overdo it. So the amount of walnuts per serving would be about 25 grams, which correspond to about 5 units. In this way, 32% CDO (Orientative Daily Amount) of omega 3 is met in women (about 500 mg per day).

Finally, it must be borne in mind that as fats they are not always easy to digest on their own, so we are going to mix them preferably in the midday meals, for example, in a salad or you can also add them to yogurt for dessert.

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