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29 brilliant names for boys and girls whose meaning is light

29 brilliant names for boys and girls whose meaning is light

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Natural elements such as light, the sun and the moon are a source of inspiration to choose the name of the baby that has just arrived in the family. On our site we have created a list with a few names for boys and girls whose main meaning is light, and that they are also the most beautiful. You do not want to miss it!

Are you expecting a baby? Is boy? If your answers are yes and you have not yet decided what you are going to call it, then the list that we have prepared of names whose main meaning is light You're going to love it. You already know that choosing the name of your child is something important, there are even cultures in which it is thought that the nickname that the little one receives influences his personality, so it must be a considered decision and if it also has its own meaning, well better than better.

1. Pike
The masculine name Lucio is of Greek origin, specifically it has its roots in the term 'Lux', which means 'first light of dawn'. Isn't that an ideal name to call your baby?

2. Antulio
This peculiar name means 'man in front of the light' and has a Greek origin. It is sure to become the favorite of more than one dad!

3. Humberto
The nickname Humberto means 'light', it is of German origin and is heard a lot in certain regions of Spain and Latin America.

4. Jairo
Jairo is another nickname for boys that also means 'light'. There are several experts who agree when saying that it has a biblical origin.

5. Albert or Alberto
Alberto and its variant Albert are two names for boys that also mean 'light that shines'. Both have a German origin.

6. Anuar
It is of Islamic origin and comes to say something like 'the enlightened one'.

7. Berto
Berto, Berta for girls, means 'light that shines in all its splendor'. Its root is Germanic.

8. Eduard
Eduard or Eduardo mean 'light', it has a Teutonic origin and is a well-known nickname in many countries. Did you know that his birthday is celebrated on October 13?

9. Oralee
Have you ever heard the name Oralee? It is of Hebrew origin and they come to say 'you are my light'. The most original for your baby!

10. Kikaru
It is a Japanese nickname for children that simply means 'light'.

11. Lesedi
If you like different names with history, you are sure to love it. It is of African origin and means 'the light'.

12. Avneet
It is of Hebrew origin and means something like 'the father of light'.

13. Iri
Nickname for children of Hebrew origin that means 'bright light'.

14. Aaron
You already knew this male name, right? It is of Egyptian origin and means 'enlightened, bright light'.

15. Melchor
Did you know that the name Melchior, which the Wise King bears, also means 'light'? Well yes, it specifically means 'my king is light'.

16. Dag
This nickname for children is of Scandinavian origin and means 'the beautiful light of day'.

17. Diya
It is a unisex name of unknown origin that comes to say 'light, splendor'.

It's time to see the most beautiful names for girls that mean light, the one that shines and the one that illuminates the one who bears the nickname and those who are by his side. If you are expecting a baby, surely here you will find the name that most fills your heart with love.

18. Eliora
Female name of Hebrew origin derived in turn from the name Eli which means: 'God gives light to the world'.

19. Gulara
This nickname for girls finds its origin in Australia, no more, no less! Its meaning is: 'the light of the moon'.

20. Lluc
Lluc is a Catalan name because that is how the Virgin is named. Its meaning is also 'light'.

21. Nahiara or Naiara
They are two nicknames for girls of Arabic origin that mean 'the light that makes the moon shine'.

22. Selena
As explained in Greek mythology, Selena was the goddess of the Moon, so its meaning is translated by 'the woman who carries the light'.

23. Halia
Female name of unknown origin that means 'the one that shines with its own light'.

24. Elaine
It is a Greek name that means 'under the bright light'.

25. Lucy
Lucia couldn't be missing from the list of names for girls that mean light. It is of Greek origin and translates as, as you may have imagined, 'light'.

26. Light
Luz can also be a female nickname. They have a Latin root and a meaning that you already know very well. We also find the Mariluz variant very popular today.

27. Gilberta
It also means 'light' is a nickname of German origin that also exudes personality.

28. Nirelle
Nirelle is the last girls name with meaning 'light' on our list. It is of Hebrew origin and can also be translated as 'the light of the Lord'.

29. Farisha
It is a feminine nickname of Arabic origin, it also means 'light' and it has become very fashionable in certain regions of Europe.

What do you think of baby names that mean light? Are you going to put one on your son or daughter? Let us know!

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