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24 gorgeous names for boys and girls that mean joy

24 gorgeous names for boys and girls that mean joy

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Choosing a baby's name is not as simple as it seems, there are many things that must be taken into account: that the whole family likes it, that it combines well with the surnames ... What do you think of the idea that your child or daughter have a name whose meaning is joy or happiness? Sounds good right? Not for less, the wound of a baby is the greatest cause for celebration that exists. In our site we have prepared a list with names for boys and girls that have this beautiful meaning. Surely more than one reaches your soul!

These names for boys that mean joy and happiness are the most special, why? Well, because all of them are beautiful, original and full of personality; you will also discover its origin. Sure you have a hard time choosing just one as a favorite!

1. Dakari
It is a name for children of African origin, its meaning is 'happiness in its purest form'. Why have you never heard such an original name?

2. Beano
It is a Latin name for children that comes to say 'one who brings joy and happiness to the family bosom'. It is so different that you are unlikely to meet someone with this name.

3. Kasem
This name for boys has its origin in Thailand, its meaning is 'happiness, love'.

4. Farrokh
This name for children of Parsi origin also means 'happiness, success'. Do you like it for your baby?

5. Felix
Felix is ​​a masculine name that has become very fashionable again in a while. It has a Latin origin and a very special meaning: 'a person who will always be happy and happy'.

6. Winston
It is a masculine name of British origin, it comes to say something like 'sacred stone of joy'.

7. Nario
Male name of German origin that means 'happiness and joy'.

8. Macario
The name for boys Macario is of Greek origin and means 'he who is happy and blissful'. They are also often called with the diminutive Mac.

If you are expecting a girl and you have not yet decided what you are going to call her, surely the names for babies that you are going to read here and that mean joy and happiness are positioned as your favorites. Let's see them!

9. Joie
This feminine name is a variant of the nickname Joy which, as you well know, is also an English word, its meaning is joy, you can't ask for anything more!

10. Eda
Eda is a very beautiful name for girls of Anglo-Saxon origin. Its meaning is also 'joy and happiness'.

11. Nara
Nara is a feminine name of Greek origin that simply means 'happy'. It is a short nickname so it would combine wonderfully with a long last name. And how about turning it into a compound name?

12. Luana
The feminine name Luana originates from Hawaii. Translated into Spanish it would come to say something like 'she who lives happily and fully'.

13. Isel
The nickname for girls Isel is a variant of the German name Gisela, both come to mean 'the one who is a guarantee of joy and happiness for the whole family'.

14. Leyda
It is a name of Greek origin that comes in addition to the feminine nickname Leda, its meaning is also 'joy and happiness'.

15. Ilaria
This feminine name of unknown origin comes to say 'woman who enjoys joy, jovial'.

16. Naomi
Naomi is a fairly well known name, what is not so is its origin and its meaning; It has a Hebrew root and a very beautiful meaning: 'she who exudes charm and joy'.

17. Hana
There are experts who point out that the name Hana has a Hebrew origin, others instead, attribute it to Japanese roots. What they do agree on is its meaning: 'happiness and joy'.

18. Carol
The nickname Carol is a variant of the female names Carla and Carolina, it has an English origin and a most peculiar meaning: 'song to happiness, ode to joy'.

19. Aine
Aine is a very traditional feminine name in Ireland. He comes to say something like 'happiness shakes hands with success'.

20. Allegra
Allegra comes from Italian, it closely resembles the word 'joy' and therefore its meaning cannot be other than 'cheerful and happy'.

21. Farrah
The proper name for girls Farrah is of Arabic origin, it means 'happy and charming woman'.

22. Abigail
The proper name Abigail is biblical and comes to mean 'the joy of the father'.

23. Leticia
Leticia, also spelled Letizia, is of Latin origin and comes to mean 'joy and happiness'.

24. Alaia
Alaia is a name for girls of Basque origin, it comes to mean 'the joy is in you'.

Did you like baby names that mean joy and happiness? Do not stop telling us what your choice has been!

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