The legends around boys and girls born on Friday the 13th

The legends around boys and girls born on Friday the 13th

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Being born on Friday the 13th is not a sign of bad luck or a bad omen, but even so, some mothers look at the calendar fearful so that their delivery does not take place on this date. Here we explain the different legends around boys and girls born on Friday the 13th and the different origins of this superstition that makes many people have a phobia to this day.

Animosity to Friday the 13th It has a name that we think you will not remember. It is about parascevedecatriaphobia, which comes from the term parasceve, which is the preparation of Easter. It is also known as friggaatriscaidecaphobia, another word difficult to retain, which comes from the word friday, which as you know means Friday in English, and is considered a type of triscaidecaphobia, which is phobia of number 13.

First of all, we have to tell you that this theory has no foundation to support it. It is an irrational fear that has been transmitted from generation to generation and that is based on the following events.

The Canterbury Tales
One of the references that crosses from day of misfortune to Friday is in George Chaucer's work, 'The Canterbury Tales'. The author defines Fridays as 'capricious, fickle and changing days (since Friday is the day of Venus and the goddess changes her mood), a Friday is rarely a day like the rest of the week'. Yet for most mortals, Friday is the best day of the week.

Higher number of accidents
Did you know that in the United Kingdom on Friday the 13th the number of traffic accidents on the roads increases significantly? But curiously this is due precisely to the suggestion of people who fear this date. They get more nervous and drive more tense and unsafe.

The book Friday XIII
The mania for Friday the 13th may also originate from a 1907 publication by Thomas Lawson called 'Friday the 13th'. Its protagonist takes advantage of the fear of Friday the 13th to manipulate investment decision making in the stock market, leading his enemies to bankruptcy.

The famous movie Friday the 13th
Who doesn't remember Jason with his mask? Friday the 13th is an 80s horror classic from director Sean S. Cunningham. The film has contributed to the massive spread of the legend that Friday the 13th is a cursed day.

Day of mourning
Friday was also the day Jesus Christ died on the cross, which is why it is considered a day of mourning. It is the only day on the liturgical calendar that Mass is not celebrated in mourning for the death of Jesus.

The Holy Inquisition
Another reason why Friday the 13th is considered a bad omen is due to the events that occurred on Friday, October 13, 1307, when a group of Knights Templar were tried by the Court of the Inquisition for heresy. Some were arrested, others assassinated, causing the near-disappearance of the Temple order. But some managed to escape taking all their secrets with them.

Napoleon Bonaparte also had a phobia of Friday the 13th. In fact, the French emperor was very manic and had other phobias such as fear of cats and he also had to close all the doors in his sight.

On Friday, December 13, 1939, in Australia, there was one of the largest forest fires in history and that day was called 'Black Friday', since almost 20,000 km ² of surface were destroyed by the fire.

They live!
Another great tragedy that occurred on a Friday October 13, 1972 was the plane crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 517, which crashed in the Andes. Among the passengers was the Old Christians rugby team. To survive they fed on the remains of their companions who had died.

Despite all these historical facts, there were those who decided to stand up to this superstition. And that's how the gentlemen called The Thirteen Club, a club founded by Captain William Fowler at his Cottage Knickerbocker restaurant on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, New York, decided to defy the superstitions of Friday the 13th to demonstrate that it has no scientific basis by meeting on September 13, 1881.

They got together on the 13th of each month, sat at table 13, spilled salt, broke mirrors, etc ... It was shown that nothing was happening performing all these acts traditionally considered superstitions, therefore, If your son or daughter was born on Friday the 13th, take it down And tell him that it is a day like any other, well actually, it is a very special day, it is the day of his arrival in the world.

Without a doubt, your child is special to you for many reasons and one of them is because was born on friday the 13th, so ignore urban legends and focus on what is truly important: you and your child. Still, knowing the day of the week your offspring came to light, we can discover things about his personality!

- What does it mean to be born on a Friday
This day of the week is closely related to Venus, the planet of love. Your little one will stand out in school for his high creative capacities and for values ​​such as effort. You will not like to leave things to the last minute and will work like the most! On the other hand, they will be very sensitive to criticism from others and will maintain a very special relationship with their family, which they will consider key in their life.

- The value of the number 13
Just as we have told you that throughout history many considered this number as something negative, in other cultures it is related to something higher. Thus the Mayans considered it sacred, while others linked it to love. A fact: do you know that there are thirteen new moons throughout the annual cycle? Very interesting and meaningful!

The 13th can also be associated with changes and unforeseen events, which can mean that people born on that day are always in continuous personal transformation and in search of personal growth.

And, a third reading that we can make of this digit is that it is made up of 1, synonymous with leadership, and 3, which represents the movement. And what happens if we add both? We get a 4, which is the need for continuous learning.

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