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It is not always necessary that we are on dates close toValentine's Day to celebrate love. If you want to choose a name for your baby that is related to love to recreate every day that feeling that unites you with your child, or if you have not yet decided the name you are going to give your little one, we have a list of loving names for boys and girls.

Names related to love for boys are names that never go out of style, because love is not subject to trends. In this list of love names for a boy you will surely find the perfect name for your baby.

1. David
The name is of Hebrew origin and means 'the one who is loved'. It is a traditional name that never goes out of style and that has managed to maintain its strength and personality.

2. Amador
This name is of Latin origin and its meaning is evident. Because it is so eloquent, it is a name that those parents who want to rescue from tradition the most eloquent names ancient.

3. Harsal
It is a name of Hindu origin that means 'lover'. Both for its meaning and for being totally original it is one of the most loving names for your child.

4. Romeo
The name has a Latin origin and its meaning refers to 'Rome'. If we find it in this list of names related to love, it is because of the protagonist of 'Romeo and Juliet', the greatest love story ever told.

5. Valentine
This name is of Latin origin and its meaning is related to 'the force'. Although it does not refer to love, the name cannot be missing from this list of love names because Valentine is the Saint of love.

6. Erasmus
It is a name of Greek origin that means 'loved'. We like it because despite being known since ancient times, it has not been widely used and is totally original.

7. Eros
The name is of Greek origin and belongs to the Love's God', that being precisely its meaning. It is a short but very strong name that is very original.

8. Amadís
This name of Latin origin has a meaning also related to love. It is a name with a marked medieval flavor that is renewed and very distinguished.

9. Thaddeus
It is a name that has an Aramaic origin and a meaning of 'heart'. Although it is not very frequent in Spanish-speaking countries, the name reappears strongly because it is very charismatic.

10. Paris
The name is from greek origin and it does not have a clear meaning, but it is related to love for being the name of the Trojan prince who fell in love with Helena. Without a doubt, a very original name full of love.

1. Agape
Name derived from ancient Greek meaning 'love'. It is a name that is used mostly for girls.

2. Aimi
This beautiful and original female name is of Japanese origin and its full meaning is 'beautiful love'.

3. Amadis
It is a mixed name, that is, it can be for a boy or a girl. Of Latin origin, this name means 'the great love'.

4. Amanda
Female name of Italian origin that means 'lover of God', 'the one who is loved'.

5. Amorette
A romantic name of French origin that means 'little love'. It is most popular as a girl's name.

6. Aroha
Aroa is a short, cute and exotic name. It is a Maori name meaning 'love'. It is a typically feminine name.

7. Carysse (diminutive Carys)
The tender name of Welsh origin, which derives from the word color, which means 'love'.

8. Darlene
Name of Anglo-Saxon origin that means 'tenderly loved'.

9. Darnele
This beautiful name is of Anglo-Saxon origin, derived from the English voice 'darling' which means 'dear, charming, loved'.

10. Davinia
Of Hebrew origin, this curious name is the feminine version of David, which means 'loved' or 'favorite'.

11. Femi
It is the short version of the feminine name 'Olufemi', of African or Egyptian etymological origin. It means 'love me, love'.

12. Freya
This name of Nordic origin belongs to the goddess of love, of beauty, of German mythology.

13. Grainne
It is a name originating from Ireland and is related to a heroine of Irish mythology, whose name means 'charming', 'love'.

14. Maia
This name has a Nepali origin and its meaning speaks of 'love'.

15. Maille or Malia or Mareike
This feminine name comes from the Latin Maria, Mariam or Miriam which can mean 'rebel'. Derived from ancient Egyptian, it means 'beloved' and 'love'.

16. Manami
It is a feminine name. of Japanese origin, which means 'beautiful love'.

17. Manay
It is a name that means 'love' in Quechua, a South American indigenous language.

18. Mila
Exotic feminine name of Russian origin that means 'the love of the people'.

19. Milena
It is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'the chosen one', 'the one loved by God', and which finds its essence in the beautiful feelings of 'love, grace and warmth'.

20. Mishka
A name of Hindu origin, with the meaning of 'gift of love'.

21. Neha
This pretty feminine name comes from ancient Sanskrit and also means 'love'.

22. Venus
Female name of Latin origin with a meaning related to 'desire'. For the ancient Romans she was the goddess of love.

23. Life
Female name of Hebrew origin that means 'beloved'.

Have you already chosen the name of your future baby? Although he is not with you yet, from the outside you can give him many tokens of love. One of the ones he will like the most is hearing your voice. Do you dare to tell him one of the following stories? Later, when he is born, you can tell him again. You will love it!

A bunny like the others. Story about love. This is a children's story that tells children about the power of love but also about the consequences of teasing others. It is entitled "A bunny like the others" and it is liked by children and parents because it offers a tender story that allows you to reflect on the different values.

Guantín and Guantón. Story of love between brothers. On our site you can read this children's story about love between siblings: Guantín and Guantón. A beautiful short story for children that talks about the importance of siblings. Teaches children that even if they fight, they should always take care of their relationship because life would not be the same if one did not have the other. Tales of brothers for brothers.

The princess of fire. Love story for children. The tale of the Princess of Fire is a children's story that talks about the power of true love. A story that is also full of other values ​​for children such as kindness, generosity, solidarity and empathy. We have also added reading comprehension activities.

Pocahontas. A story about love for children. The story of Pocahontas is a love story of a free and fighting woman who decided to take a path. This story teaches children an essential value: that of love.

Pinto and Pandora's wedding. Love poem for children. Short poem about a wedding between the Gallo Pinto and the Pandora hen. Short poetry, in addition to helping the child to improve memory and concentration, is also a good transmitter of values.

Petting. Short love poem for children. It is very important to give affection to children and explain to them through children's poems like this one, Caresses, a short poem about love and affection, the impact that affection has on people. Affection plays an important role in the development of the child and in the promotion of emotional intelligence from the childhood stage.

The octopus in love. Children's poetry about love. We suggest you read this nursery rhyme about love and falling in love with your children: The octopus in love. It tells the story of an octopus in love with a starfish who ignores him. A poem for children to understand what happens many times with unrequited love. Children's poems to dream.

The frog in love. Children's poem about love. This beautiful children's poem about love, El frog in love, is a tender and beautiful short poem to read with children. It can be an excellent resource to talk with our children about the most universal feeling: love. A poem about emotions and feelings to read with children.

At the hospital. Love poetry for sick children. On our site we suggest you recite this love poem for the sick child: In the hospital. A short poem dedicated to all those who are not in good health. This sweet poem will make you feel loved and protected.

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