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10 short stories to read with children

10 short stories to read with children

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To encourage reading in children, it is advisable to start with short children's stories They try fun adventures and catch the attention of children. In this way, children will have fun while they begin to get a taste of reading.

Short stories with a moralthey are the best to start reading with children. Although there are many traditional stories with morals that are essential and that every child should know, since they have been passed from generation to generation.

In we have selected a series of10 short stories for children to read with children. They are short stories to make reading a pleasant and fun time, so that children begin to become familiar with reading and books.

Short stories for children

The good-natured giant. The Good-natured Giant is a short story based on the story by Roald Dahl entitled 'The Great Good-natured Giant', a tale adapted for the cinema by Steven Spielberg, with the name 'My Friend the Giant'.

Uga the turtle. We offer you the story of 'Uga the turtle', a beautiful short story to teach children the values ​​of effort and perseverance. This story, by Uga the turtle, encourages perseverance and perseverance in the education of children. Short children's stories to awaken children's interest in reading.

The lazy bird. The lazy bird is a story with values ​​for children. In this case it is a story about laziness. Use children's stories to teach values ​​to children. Tell this story to your children so that they understand what can happen when we are lazy.

Tale of the bunnies who did not know how to respect. Stories for children with values. The story of The Bunnies Who Didn't Know How to Respect explains to children what happens when they humiliate and criticize other children or animals without thinking about the harm they cause them. A fantastic story full of values ​​that will make your child reflect on the importance of the value of respect.

The story that did not want to be written. A story against the frustration of children. This is the story of a story that did not want to be written. A rebellious tale and a girl who wanted to tame it. Discover how this story ends so that the children learn that not everything goes the way you want and that there are always other alternatives. The story that did not want to be written. A story against the frustration of children.

Pinocchio. Stories for children. Here you have the tale of Pinocchio, a fantastic classic tale full of values. With it you can reflect on lying, disobedience and respect. Children's stories for your little boy. Children's, popular and traditional stories for children. New children's stories from our readers. Publish your children's story on the Internet.

Short story of the Solar System for children. Don't miss this short story for children about how the Solar System was formed. Teach your children the names of the 8 planets that revolve around the Sun. Don't miss the children's stories about planets and space. Read this story about astronomy for kids with your children.

The Congress of the Mice. Short fables. The Mice Congress is a short fable written by Samaniego that teaches children that it is very easy to come up with ideas but it is not always as easy to carry them out. Learn this fable, tell it to the children and do the different reading comprehension activities that we propose.

The squirrels and the mobile. Story about children's addiction to screens. The squirrels and the mobile is a story about the addiction of children to screens. If your child spends the day with his mobile phone, tablet or video games, he is interested in listening to this short story. Thanks to him, you will realize the danger of 'getting too hooked' on mobiles.

Childish story. Sneaker race. Running shoes, a story that you can read on our site about the value of friendship. Values ​​are the rules of conduct and attitudes according to which we behave and that are in accordance with what we consider correct.

Stories are not only a good tool for stimulating children's imagination and fantasy, they are also very good for helping children focus and awaken their interest in reading. From the time they are very young, even when they are in their mother's gut, children should listen to stories. What would be the best stories for those between the ages of 0 and 3? Aim!

- The ugly Duckling
The Hans Christian Andersen classic, in addition to entertaining your children, will teach them that we are all different and that we must all respect each other.

- The three Little Pigs
The story of three little pigs who each build a house (one made of straw, one made of wood and one made of brick) and the threats of the big bad wolf will allow you to talk with the little ones about the importance of working hard.

- From smile to smile
It is a story that awakens the emotions of children (and adults). Talk about truth, sincerity, and loyalty, values ​​that will help your child develop as a person.

Starting at 3 years of age, children can already focus on listening to a story. Therefore, it is essential that stories are used in the education of children. A tip, to capture the attention of children from the first moment, use intonation and vocalization. Are you ready? We started!

- The elephant Bernardo
A story that speaks of respect for the little ones. So they can understand how important it is to treat others well. Don't stop reading it with your child!

- The hare and the Tortoise
More than a story, it is a fable that talks about the value of effort and work to children, in a way exemplified by a hare and a tortoise.

- The chirping egg
How to explain to a child between 3 and 5 years old what family is and how important parents, grandparents, cousins ​​and uncles are? The story of 'The chirping egg' can be of great help.

- Pinocchio
The story of the wooden doll who ends up transforming and having a father is so tender that it is not surprising that even the passage of time has not been able to with it. An essential in your particular library!

From the age of 6, many children can already begin to read stories on their own. It is time to reinforce that interest by offering stories suitable for these ages. Take advantage of this moment to offer him a reading according to his age. Don't miss the opportunity to bring reading to your children with these stories:

- Peter Pan
A traditional tale that will take and transport children's imaginations to other worlds. A story about friendship that you can tell on the way to school, on a car trip, or before bed. It's great for any time!

- The emperor's new suit
A beautiful story that speaks of the great value of sincerity and truth for children. And with a very important message for children who are in the process of maturity: do not believe everything they tell you.

- The dictatorship of the lion
At these ages it is likely that your child has witnessed some injustice. Through a situation that is not fair for the protagonists of this story, a group of animals, you will be able to talk with the children about injustices.

- The tree of books
Every time we read a story we make our children interested in reading, right? And, as this story says, read a wonderful adventure that we cannot do without.

As children grow, they will discover great characters of all time. Writers, painters, scientists or politicians who must study for the role they have played in the history of this world. What if we bring them closer to Cleopatra, Napoleon or Gloria Fuertes through biographies in stories? They will discover, in a very funny way, who these people were, why their life and work was so important and, incidentally, parents will continue to nurture their love of reading.

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