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Most appropriate foods to get pregnant with a boy

Most appropriate foods to get pregnant with a boy

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Would you like to be able to choose the sex of the baby? Researchers are doing more and more studies to find out what determines having a boy or girl, but while that great moment arrives, we can tell you that diet can help you fulfill your desire. These are the most appropriate foods to get pregnant with a boy.

More and more, couples postpone the moment of having children until when life is already on track, and it is more and more frequent that, due to the difficulties in conceiving associated with stress in general, the economic costs and the age of the parents , the number of children is limited to one or two. Although for all parents having a healthy child tops the list of their priorities, Being able to choose the sex of that only child, or of the second to have a couple, is one of the challenges of the 21st century.

Since ancient times, the diet has always been in the spotlight, giving it qualities that are not always supported by science. During pregnancy, these recommendations that are passed on from generation to generation, not only restrict the consumption of certain foods to the future mother, but also attribute to the diet qualities capable of tipping the balance when selecting the sex of the future baby. What is true in them?

For centuries the science of reproduction has been investigated, and scientists have been fascinated by genetics and the transmission of characteristics from parents to children, showing, at the beginning of the 20th century (around 1905 specifically and studied, among other scientists , by the North American Nettie Marie Stevens), the presence of two sex chromosomes X and Y.

The father produces two types of sperm that each carry one of the two types of sex chromosomes, X or Y. At the time of fertilization, the sperm that fertilizes the maternal egg contributes one of these chromosomes that, when joining the X chromosome of the mother, determines the sex of the baby.

Research on the stability and quality of sperm has revealed great differences between the sperm that provide the X chromosome and those that provide the Y chromosome, specifically, the sperm that provide the X chromosome, necessary for the baby to be female , are generally slower but more resistant than those that contribute the Y chromosome. For their part, the spermatozoa that contribute the Y chromosome, necessary to conceive a male, are the fastest, but more sensitive to environmental changes in the maternal uterus.

Cervical mucus, the means of transport for sperm to the ovum, is generally dense and acidic, but when ovulation approaches, it undergoes modifications that make it more fluid and alkaline, favoring the environment for the Y chromosomes, which are affected by an acidic environment. The diet of the future mother, according to the bibliography, can favor the maintenance of this alkaline medium, paving the way for the sperm that will help the conception of a child.

Specifically, the dietary guidelines that the future mother should follow begin with a good breakfast, which preferably includes a bowl of cereal, but limit consumption of milk and dairy products (limit calcium intake).

In addition, bananas and other foods rich in potassium, a key mineral for male sex selection, and in sodium. Potatoes, green beans, red meat, carrots, mushrooms, lettuce, olives, citrus or watermelon, for example, are a good choice for this diet, as well as cold cuts, anchovies, grapes and strawberries, apples and pears, smoked salmon, onion, cabbage or seafood in general.

It is also highly recommended that the future mother avoid counting caloriesSince a hypocaloric diet would defeat its purpose, and prefer a diet rich in fat (healthy, of course) and not so much in complex carbohydrates. Also, foods rich in magnesium, such as whole grains and seeds, should be limited.

Curiously, the father can also help the conception of a male child, consuming foods with a more acidic tendency, such as coffee or cola drinks and foods rich in calcium at least four weeks before conception.

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