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Homemade mousse recipes for the whole family

Homemade mousse recipes for the whole family

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The mousse It is a sweet made from egg white mounted to the point of snow. It has a very special creamy and sparkling appearance as it has a final texture in which there appear to be tiny bubbles.

The best-known mousse is chocolate, but it can also be made from fruits, and even salty, such as vegetables or fish. In We teach you how to prepare delicious mousses in a very simple way.

Here you will find a selection of delicious and refreshing mousses that you can easily reproduce at home. Enjoy your meal!

Strawberry and coconut mousse. We teach you how to make a delicious strawberry dessert: a strawberry, coconut and cinnamon mousse. Step by step recipe of strawberry and coconut mousse with cinnamon.

Chocolate mousse. Recipe for chocolate mousse, a classic dessert that, due to its creaminess, is one of children's favorites. Here is a very simple recipe to prepare as a family. Easy chocolate mousse recipe.

Cherry mousse. Cherry mousse recipe for children's dessert. our site offers us to make an easy, simple and very fast recipe. Kids will love making this cherry mousse.

Coconut mousse. Coconut mousse recipe for children's dessert. our site offers us a quick, refreshing recipe that is very easy to make with children. Coconut provides vitamins, protein and fiber for children.

Passion fruit mousse. Simple dessert recipe for when you don't feel like cooking: passion fruit or passion fruit mousse. Brazilian dessert recipe. our site offers you a step-by-step recipe for an easy, fast and very refreshing family dessert. A smooth and very creamy recipe.

Seafood mousse. Seafood mousse is an easy recipe to prepare and ideal for children to taste fish. Easy seafood mousse recipe to make an original starter for Christmas lunch or dinner.

Yogurt and strawberry mousse. Desserts with fruits are very suitable to introduce children to healthy eating, such as the children's recipe for yogurt and strawberry mousse, a soft dessert.

Lemon mousse. Lemon mousse recipe. For heavy meals, prepare a refreshing dessert like lemon mousse, easy and light. our site surprises us with a recipe for children with which they can have fun in the kitchen.

Strawberry Mousse. our site offers a recipe for strawberry mousse, very practical and convenient to make with children. A good excuse to take the little ones from the house to the kitchen.

Banana mousse. Banana mousse is a sweet and very light dessert, perfect to prepare with children and get used to having fruit. It is also very beneficial for pregnant women due to its folic acid content.

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