These are the best foods to start Baby Led Weaning

These are the best foods to start Baby Led Weaning

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If your baby is six months old and meets the conditions to start his complementary feeding, you may be thinking of putting into practice the Baby Led Weaning (BLW) method, a technique to introduce foods that will complement breastfeeding. But, What are the most recommended foods to start Baby Led Weaning?

The Baby Led Weaning or weaning directed by the baby is a method to introduce solid foods to the baby. It is about placing within reach of the small food based on a healthy and balanced diet, allowing them to take those foods to their mouths with their hands.

Although its main source of nutrients will continue to be the breast milk you give it, it is important that, from the beginning, you establish a healthy diet in your baby, where you include only natural products, nothing processed, smoked, packaged, and that your diet is balanced.

In general terms, there are no restrictions for feeding the baby, however, there are some exceptions, such as honey, which should not be ingested before 2 years due to the risk of botulism; blue fish such as tuna, due to their concentration of mercury; and green leafy vegetables, such as spinach and chard, for their nitrate content.

At the beginning we should give him soft food, cut into pieces, thick sticks or long strips, a good measure is to consider that they are a little larger than the size of his fist. In this way, the baby can easily take it with his hands and start the process sucking and feeling new sensations in his mouth, distinguishing new flavors and textures.

You can also offer smaller foods, such as peas or short pasta, that he will take in his hand to bring a handful to his mouth and later he can take them with his fingers, in the form of a tweezer.

And now that you know what this method of introducing solid foods to babies from six months of age consists of, it's time to put it into practice! But first, we will have to select the subject that we are going to offer the child. These are the best foods to start Baby Led Weaning.

- In relation to fruitsTry to ensure that they are at a point of maturity, that allows you to cut them into strips or small pieces, and that they are soft, so that they are easy to chew. Normally, chewing occurs with the teeth, at this stage we start chewing with the front part of the jaws, with the teeth or gums if it has not yet erupted its teething. You can vary between banana, watermelon melon, mango. Fruits such as apple, peach, and pear should be steamed a little to soften before offering them (due to the increased risk of choking).

- Broccoli is wonderful. A cooked sprig is enough, in addition to allowing you to control that it is soft to the bite, but not so much that it falls apart when you grip it. You can also try with cooked potato, carrot, sweet potato and pumpkin, cut into small sticks to make French fries.

- If you are in avocado or avocado season, take advantage of giving it this nutritious food. They generally love the taste of it, and you're providing their brain with an excellent source of healthy fats. You can give it some slices or spread it on soft bread sticks (preferably made at home, without salt or sugar, from sourdough).

- Another way to provide your baby with good fats is to make it at home cream or peanut or almond butter. Take the dried fruit, free of the skin that covers it, to the pan so that it heats up and begins to release its oils, then place it in the blender or processor until you obtain a creamy paste. You will obtain a food with a pleasant, natural and nutritious flavor, without added salt or sugar. And it is that sugar and salt are not recommended because your kidneys are just in the process of maturing and because they are really unnecessary, since they do not provide nutrients and are addictive, in addition to being associated with childhood obesity, therefore, it is better to discard them .

- The meat Beef, chicken or veal can be presented in a variety of ways: cut into pieces or ground, in meatballs or flat as a hamburger. They are an excellent source of iron, something that you should incorporate into your baby's diet in his first year of life. Add rice, pasta, or vegetables.

- When you incorporate the egg In their diet, you can do it through tortillas, which you can also mix with rice, meat or some vegetable.

Remember that there is no need to worry if at first you notice that your child is more what he plays with food than what he eats, it is completely normal !!! The first few occasions are educational, in addition, he is enjoying new sensations and developing his senses and his coordination movements. Enjoy this new stage in your baby's growth too!

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