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Saint Agnes Day, January 21. Names for girls

Agnes It is a name for a girl of Greek origin that means 'pure'. Its form in Greek is Agnes, another ideal name for any girl, since both highlight all the delicacy and sensitivity of your girl. Although Agnes is more modern, Inés is one of those names that always but never goes out of style. Celebrate your name day On January 21, which is the day of Holy Ines.

The name Agnes or Agnes, as you prefer, implies a tender but firm character at the same time. A girl sure of herself, but in need of all the affection from her family and friends.

Inés is a person enterprising and vitalist, of a great curiosity, willful and helpful. The most obvious characteristic of her personality is her sweetness and charm.

Your daughter's name presents a confusing etymology. Coming from the Greek agné, it made reference to the purity and sacredness of the victims destined for ritual sacrifice.

But due to its phonetic resemblance to the Latin word agnus, which means 'lamb', its meaning has often been confused and, in fact, the pictorial representations of the famous Santa Inés, are usually made accompanied by a lamb.

If there is a character who has preserved the use of your daughter's name throughout history, it has undoubtedly been the female protagonist of José Zorrilla's novel, 'Don Juan Tenorio'. Inés or Doña Inés, who reflects purity like nobody else and who became one of the icons of those famous impossible loves.

More current, we find two great beauties that bear the name Inés, captivating, elegant and seductive. Both great models of international prestige have always been admired for their style and elegance, and they are the perfect reference for your girl, Inés de la Fressange and Inés Sastre.

Did you know that the name of Santa Inés is related to brides and fiancees and is said to be the patron saint of young women? This is so because that woman died while still a daughter, at the age of twelve, although she was very mature for her age.

Legend has it that Ines was a very beautiful girl with many suitors, but that she rejected all of them because she was committed to Christ, something that led her to be cruelly punished. First they locked her up in a brothel, then they tried to burn her at the stake until she was finally beheaded.

The image of Santa Inés is very recognizable in churches because she is always represented praying together with a lamb and with a diadem in her hand. Another feature that makes her unmistakable is that she wears a red stole on her shoulders.

Does your little one move a lot in your gut? Do you notice how it alternates when you are happy or when you are sadder? They are small details that determine the personality of your baby, but there are more things that we can discover through its name, or rather, its vowels and consonants and the figures that hide behind them.

This is how we turn to numerology, the science that studies the relationship between divine forces, letters and numbers, and that can give us clues about what the character of the girls named like that will be like. What good and not so good things can we find?

- Positive traits
Knowing that the digit that will rule Inés's life is 2, we already have many clues about what values ​​will characterize this woman! They are people who like to share, very supportive and kind, and who give themselves 100% in couple relationships. It should also be noted that they are very conciliatory and never seek controversy.

- Negative traits
Despite these aspects that many and many may wish for themselves, we have to say that girls who boast of this Greek name have self-esteem problems, since it will be difficult for them to believe everything they are worth. They are very sensitive and this will make them suffer from the criticism, often unjustified, that others make of them.

The reasons that lead parents to choose a compound name for their child range from paying tribute to several family members at the same time to being the only way to agree on how to baptize the little one.

Although there are also those who consider that compound names give the person a certain charisma and personality. Whatever your case, here is a selection of the names that best match Ines, so you have a choice!

  • Maria Ines. The combination of these two names with so much religious tradition (Mary means the chosen one of God) is ideal for those believing and practicing parents.
  • Ines Lucia. Another of the popular names that marry perfectly with Inés is Lucía, who celebrates her saint on December 13 and is considered the patron saint of the blind because she is 'the one who carries the light'.
  • Paula Ines. The word Paulus comes from and is a name of Latin origin. He celebrates his name day on January 26 and, in some countries, it is a tradition to celebrate it with a big hug to those called like that.
  • Ana Agnes. If at the beginning we said that the name of Mary has a strong Christian tradition, the name of Ana, the grandmother of Jesus, also is. It means 'full of grace and compassion'.

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