The importance of betting on the natural in infant feeding

The importance of betting on the natural in infant feeding

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More and more parents are concerned about the feeding of our little ones and who are informed about the ingredients in the food that we offer them daily. An interest that begins very early, when health professionals inform us that we must start with introduction of solid foods and new textures, in addition to continuing with breast milk or infant formula milk. And it is clear that it is very important to bet on natural ingredients to feed your children.

The rush and the rhythm of life that this society forces us to lead do not make it easy for us and this means that, sometimes, parents have to resort to the simplest formula: go to the neighborhood pharmacy or the supermarket more near our house and buy our son a jar of fruit, vegetables or fish, among other foods.

Fathers and mothers, you can give little jars to your little ones with total peace of mind, but if you want to be more convinced and clear up all possible doubts that may arise on this subject, this interests you! Can you imagine being able to have a children's jar manufactured as if you were making it at home?

Hero Baby offers it to you, because they are committed to all those who seek the best for their babies and their products are only what you see: with 100% natural ingredients, without additives, without added starch or salt / sugar, or preservatives or colorings, with fully balanced amounts of each of its ingredients and adjusted to the nutritional needs of each moment. Because a four-month-old baby is not the same as a year and a half, right?

But that's not all, below we are going to give you not one, not two, not three but up to six reasons why we recommend you offer your child a jar of Hero Baby knowing that you are giving them the best:

1. Hero Baby does not want to condition the future diet to sweet or salty flavors, thus conserving the good of nature, and for this reason neither salt nor sugar is added. In addition, in this way, it contributes to preventing possible future diseases such as childhood obesity, which today has become almost an epidemic.

2. In each jar of Hero Baby the nutritional balance recommended by scientific institutions is guaranteed for optimal feeding of children in full development phase with proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates ... Everything you need to grow! strong and healthy!

3. Hero is essentially an agricultural company. Most of the ingredients used for children's recipes are of Spanish origin and locally produced.

4. To obtain the best and most nutritious recipes, they take care of each phase of production: that the raw materials are in good condition, that the state of maturity is proper, that the recipes are prepared without incident, that there are no changes humidity and temperature that may affect the taste, that the water is filtered ...

5. The baby jars created under the Hero Baby Quality seal are subjected to nearly 300 daily checks during the different phases of the production process.

6. To guarantee its conservation over time, the jar is closed hermetically, applying the vacuum technique with a treatment similar to a water bath. The process is very simple: the water is heated, the jar is introduced and, through thermal convection, its conservation is ensured from 24 hours to 18 months, without additives or preservatives!

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