How to offer the banana to the child with the Baby Led Weaning method

How to offer the banana to the child with the Baby Led Weaning method

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Banana is one of the most versatile fruits preferred by babies and moms in the early days of Baby Led Weaning. Its soft texture facilitates the chewing process, as well as being a fruit with a pleasant, nutritious and satiating flavor. But, What is the best way to offer the banana to the child with the BLW method?

Banana is a fruit rich in potassium, carbohydrates, vitamins A, B2, B6, C, as well as folic acid and magnesium, which makes it a great source of energy and contributes to reducing anemia by stimulating the production of hemoglobin in the blood and regulate intestinal transit, among many other benefits.

Some research also reports its ability to increase brain development, improve concentration and learning processes.

It is so versatile that it can be consumed with any meal. It is an excellent alternative to combine for breakfast or as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. Also, It is practical to carry in your bag when you need to go out or go to the park with the baby.

Due to its creamy texture and sweet flavor, it is a great ally in the kitchen and allows it to be combined with other ingredients when making sweet preparations, without added sugar.

Here are some ideas on how to offer the banana to the baby who is practicing the Baby Led Weaning in its complementary feeding stage and that you can continue using later.

As with other foods, to start the consumption of this fruit, it is preferable to give it alone, naturally. For this, we can use several techniques.

On poles
At the beginning, the pieces should be adequate to the size of their little hands, so a good way to present it is to cut a piece of the fruit and this in turn, cut it, lengthwise into 4 parts, so that you have 4 left banana sticks that will catch the baby's attention.

Improving grip
When there is already a better grip and the baby can hold a greater weight in his hands, I am going to talk to you about a practical technique to reduce the slipperiness of this fruit.

- Take a medium or small unit.

- Wash the fruit on the outside very well, to remove any residue it may have.

- Cut off both ends.

- Make a small cut of the peel in the middle of the fruit, which allows you to remove it, leaving the whole fruit and covered in the other part, which will be the one that the baby takes in his hand. This will help your child have a better grip on this fruit.

- As you eat it, you remove a few inches of the shell.

You can also combine it with other ingredients to vary the presentation of this pleasant fruit. Here we present some practical ideas, simple to elaborate and that, surely, will be consumed by everyone in the family.

1. Banana omelette with rice
You can prepare a banana omelette with rice by placing in the processor ¼ cup of cooked rice (without salt) which you are going to mix with a mashed ripe banana, until obtaining a paste consistency. With this mixture you will form the tortillitas, which you will take to the non-stick pan, over low heat, until golden on both sides. Once cool, you cut them into chunks to offer to the baby.

2. Oatmeal and banana cookie
In a similar way, you can make oatmeal and banana cookies. Loca in a bowl, ½ cup of oatmeal in flakes, add a ripe banana cut into pieces. Wet your hands with water and start mixing the ingredients to form a dough. Grab a portion and flatten it into a cookie about one centimeter thick. Place in the non-stick pan, over low heat, for 2-3 minutes on each side and you will have a rich and nutritious cookie for the baby.

3. Banana pancakes
Place a ripe banana, 1 egg and ½ cup of oatmeal in the blender, mix and pour in portions in a non-stick pan, over low heat, to make the pancakes. When bubbles form, flip it over and cook on the other side. Remove from the pan and once cool, offer pieces to your baby.

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