A mother fights to make her daughter's dream of being a firefighter come true

A mother fights to make her daughter's dream of being a firefighter come true

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Girls who want to be airplane or racing pilots, boys who imagine tomorrow dancing on the Metropolitan in New York ... Children's dreams do not understand gender and, as an example, I want to tell you the story of Molly, a little girl who dreamed of being a firefighter, but he didn't know if it was possible. He did not know any female firefighter, until his mother made her little girl change that idea and realized that dreaming has no limits, that dreams can come true and that you have to fight for them.

My oldest daughter came home angry one day. Since I saw her walk out of the school door, I sensed that something was wrong with her, but since she always says that I am 'a heavy mother', I decided not to ask her. She would tell me! We spent the afternoon between extracurricular activities, homework, games, baths and dinner and, just as she was going to go to bed she said: 'Mom, I want to be an astronaut, but Sonia (referring to your friend) says there are no astronaut girls' .

At that moment my face must have been a poem. First of all, because there are women who have traveled to space, like Valentina Tereshkova (I showed her the story so that she could check for herself). Second, because Nobody can destroy the illusions of one child in that way, much less another, and thirdly, because it was his partner, another woman, who told him that. Why do we continue to separate certain jobs today depending on whether they are for 'men' or 'women'? When are we going to end this classification?

Little Molly's mother must have thought something similar, a four-year-old girl from the city of Glasgow, who since she was very little had dreamed of being a firefighter, but since she had not seen any woman in this position, she believed that she either I could do it.

Her mother wanted her daughter to see that this was not the case and launched an 'innocent' message on Twitter, which soon went viral: 'When she grew up my daughter wants to drive a fire truck, but says it is not possible because she has never seen a woman at the wheel of a fire engine. Can someone help me?'. The response was amazing!

She quickly received, from different parts of the planet, a lot of examples showing that this was not the case and, what became something more special for this girl, from her city they offered her the opportunity to go to a fire station and meet some of these women.

The experience was indescribable for the little girl and the mother, both of them were in tears! Molly was delighted to have so many inspiring women by her side and repeated over and over to her mother, 'Mommy, look how many strong girls.'

Molly's story is not only intended to bring a smile to those who read it, it also wants to serve as a wake-up call for those people who, unfortunately, still divide the world in pink and blue and who do not believe in equal education. And, on the other hand, also to raise awareness that we all have dreams, our children the most, and our duty is to help them achieve them. How? Here are some tips!

- Show him that you believe in him
Children are in the process of gradually forging their personality. In this way, the role of parents is fundamental. For them, the elderly are their reference, so your attitude towards those dreams is very decisive. Make him feel that you are with him and that you support him at all times.

- Share your dreams with them
Surely you also had your dreams as a child. What if you tell your children? You can explain which ones you have achieved, what has been the most difficult and tell them what those dreams that you still have to fulfill are still, and it is that we must not forget that dreaming is free.

- Show him the way
They are still too young to take the initiative and, perhaps, still do not know how to carry them out. Be like Rebecca, Molly's mother, and show him part of the way and let him feel that this dream is possible or more accessible than he thought.

- Develop an action plan
Once your little one is clear about what he wants, help him get organized! Make a calendar of objectives, set or set dates, specify how they will achieve it and motivate them!

- Encourage and transmit strength
There will be times when that dream can turn into a nightmare or that a cloud will hang over that sun. It's okay, nobody said reaching the final goal was easy! Help him get up and, above all, explain that it may be a narrow and difficult path, but that if he really wants it, he will get it!

- Train him to fulfill his dreams
If it is a long-term game, the child may see it as distant and abandon at first. That is why it is important that you set short-term goals in between so that he learns the satisfaction that comes from achieving them and the effort or intensity that must be devoted. It will be like a little rehearsal!

And, as Walt Disney said: 'Don't sleep to rest, sleep to dream. Because dreams are to be fulfilled'.

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