The advantage of children born with the New Year

The advantage of children born with the New Year

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Right after taking the grapes, in the first minutes of the New Year, the phone began to ring. Parents, brothers, cousins ​​and friends called nonstop to congratulate us on the New Year and wish us luck for the next twelve months. When the phone gave us a break and we went back to the table, my little boy asked me: can I call Miguel? Today is your birthday!

Miguel was born on January 1, a very special date that marks a very special event. Many families have welcomed the New Year that begins with the arrival of a baby. Birth marks the luck of a new life at home and has a very special meaning. But being born in December or January, even if it may not seem like it, can greatly condition the life of a child in their school stage.

So, if the boy or girl is from December it will be the smallest of those in the same grade and if they were born in January, they will be the oldest in their fifth year and this will influence their relationship with other children, their friendships and the pace of learning.

According to a study carried out by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), from the United Kingdom, students born in January perform much better than those in December at 7 years of age. The differences diminish as children get older, but remain significant at age 16.

This study also points out that being born in December increases the chances of needing special education by up to 70 percent, compared to those who have their birthday in January. And it is that a stage of more than 6 months in the physical and intellectual development of children is very noticeable, especially when they are young.

Many teachers of Early Childhood and Primary Education are aware of this problem and, aware of it, try to correct the difficulties of these children by paying more attention to them.

For this reason, I wonder, what can be done if we perceive that our son falters in his studies due to a mere question of intellectual immaturity? I'm afraid the system offers no options other than repeating a grade, a possibility that most parents dismiss outright while waiting for time to narrow the gap.

New Year New Life! This popular saying or saying applies perfectly to dads who welcome children born on the New Year with open arms. From that moment another phase in his life begins in which there are no longer two, now there are three or four or five. In any case, children born on the New Year are special:

- No one will forget your birthday. It is such an important date that everyone will remember.

- It will not be necessary to organize the celebration in advance: As you say goodbye to the previous year and welcome the new, you can celebrate your birthday!

- In some countries, be one of the first or the first of the year .. has a prize! Will it be your case?

- According to a study in the Journal of Social Sciences, children born in the first months of the year are more likely to be successful and wealthy. And, as a sample, here are some names: Harry Styles, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jennifer Aniston ...

- It is clear that for these children, One of the numbers that will rule your life will be 1. They are born on the first day of the year and in the first month. What mysteries does this digit hide? They are very independent, bordering on loneliness at times, but they are also leaders in all the groups to which they belong.

Although it must also be said that there are some buts to this circumstance of being born the first of the year:

- Dads spend every Christmas nervous from celebration to celebration with the bag ready in case the woman goes into labor.

- Can spend the last night of the year in pain by contractions.

- Depending on which part of the world you are in, You can have the 'bad luck' that winter catches you, And that means that you will have fewer occasions to go out with your baby for a walk and you will have to be careful so that he does not catch a cold.

- Another aspect is the theme of birthday gifts, which They can be joined with those of Santa Claus and those of Kings, in case you celebrate it.

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Perhaps the gynecologist already informed you that your little one could be born on January 1, but that with the nerves of pregnancy and after the holidays you have left the choice of the baby's name until the last moment. It could also be that it got ahead of you and caught you by surprise. Whatever your case, here are name ideas for boys and girls born on New Years!

  • Manuel. If you are parents who like to follow traditions, why not choose the name for your child as dictated by the saints? This day is celebrated that of Manuel, a name for a boy of Hebrew origin that means 'God accompanies us'.
  • Zoe. Simple, short and easy to pronounce, that's how this names for girls are! But what else do we know about him? It was the name of an 11th century empress and means 'one who brings vitality'.
  • Martina. During January, all the girls named like that celebrate their saint (January 30), so we recommend that you look at the onomastics this month for inspiration. We have selected Martina because it is a name related to the Roman god of war Mars and is associated with fighting people. What do you love?
  • Aaron. For children born on January 1, a name that begins with the first letter of the alphabet. It is a nickname of Hebrew origin (the brother of Moses) and it means 'the enlightened one'. In recent years it has become very popular for being short and not being widely used.
  • Omar. Of Arabic origin, this name has several meanings, all of them with a lot of meaning and positive connotation for parents: 'the long-lived one', 'first child' or 'life'. For all of them, we have chosen him for the children who come to this world on New Year's Day.
  • Angela. Beautiful Greek name that means 'the messenger of God', and it is clear that that girl that you are going to have in your sentences has a message for you. It will be your turn to find out! If you like it, but your little one is a boy, you already know that you can choose Angel.

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