The chimbel. A fun poem for children about respecting others

The chimbel. A fun poem for children about respecting others

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The snake was about to fall asleep when, suddenly, the snake came singing the new song that had been learned. Will she respect her friend's rest or will she continue to sing the new melody from the rooftops? This poem for children, which talks about respecting othersIt will make the little ones think. In addition, we have accompanied the verses with some reading comprehension exercises and activities based on poetry. To enjoy!

At the foot of some bushes

rolled up a snake,

I was sunbathing enchanted

with the heat of the earth.

almost touching the glory

and a snake appeared

screaming with great euphoria.

I have learned this song:

Chimbel, chimbel, chimbel!

He said wagging his tail

ringing his bell.

I just want to sleep,

he said he did well

and that you could go.

Animated the snake

the chimbel sang again

and again excited

the bell rang loudly:

Chimbel, chimbel, chimbel!

Look at the snake - he said -,

go sing somewhere else,

I have come to my corner

to be able to rest.

and the message understood

and to touch the bell

with the chimbel he left.

To find out if your children have understood this poem, here are some reading comprehension questions. It is a 'true or false' exercise, in which some sentences are true while others are a lie. Ask the children to find out which ones are false and try to correct them to fit the story.

- The snake was trying to take a nap.

- The snake did not remember the lyrics of the song that had been learned.

- The snake got very angry because the snake wouldn't let him sleep, so he gave a good cry.

- The snake decided to stay in the same place, to annoy the snake.

If the children have been able to identify which sentences were false, congratulations, they have been very attentive to the poem reading! If you have doubted some of them, you should only read poetry a few more times. And to further fix what has been learned in poetry, below you will find another reading comprehension exercise in which you have to complete the sentences.

- The serpent's song said _________.

- The snake played the _______ to accompany the song.

- The snake asked him to respect his rest and to _________.

And finally, we propose a language exercise that will help children to practice some of the most important lessons they have learned in recent months. Next, we take some words extracted from the text and We propose you different challenges.

- Haunted. What kind of word is it? Can you think of an augmentative for this word?

- Euphoria. What does this word in the poem mean? Look it up in the dictionary if you don't know its definition!

- Animated. Can you find a synonym for this adjective?

- Sing. In what time is this verb? Could you conjugate it to present in the indicative mood and to present in the subjunctive mood? Great!

If after reading and reciting the poem you want to continue working with it, here are some very fun educational activities for your children or students. You can suggest them as a game to make him feel more attracted to them.

- Make up a song
The snake learns a song called 'Chimbel'. What if you also invent your own melody with a word from your imagination?

We propose the following fun experiment: write all the letters of the alphabet on a sheet of paper and cut them out separately, so that you have a small piece of paper with each letter. Next, put all the letters in a bag or a container and, with your eyes closed, take out three of these papers. With the letters that come out, you have to form a word (You can add all the vowels and consonants you want). This will be the word with which you have to invent your song. All that remains is to find a melody!

- Continue the story
With a little imagination and enthusiasm, you can surely continue the story of the serpent and the snake, either in verse or in prose. Will the snake end up leaving or will it come back to annoy the snake? Who will be the next animal to hear the Chimbel song? Will he get angry and ask you to respect his rest as well? These questions could inspire you to follow the thread of the story.

- Illustrate the poem
Children are sure to be excited when you propose to illustrate the poem they just read. Grab colored pencils and markers ... and paint! It is curious to see that, if you propose this exercise to different children, each one will do it in a very different way. How great is the imagination of the little ones!

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