Giving your child jars of 100% natural ingredients is possible

Giving your child jars of 100% natural ingredients is possible

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Children's palate can be educated even before the baby lands in this world. And it is that everything that the mother eats during pregnancy will be familiar to the little one when the moment of introducing complementary feeding approaches, hence the pregnant woman must maintain a healthy and balanced diet. When the day comes when your baby has to try his first foods other than breast milk or formula, we have to offer him the best. Is it possible to give your child little jars 100% natural fruit, vegetables, meat and fish?

Another thing we can do (although this will be when they are older) is to show them where the food they eat comes from. A visit to the market near our house and, if possible, to a farm located in the countryside, to see how fruits and vegetables grow, can also be a great activity to do together.

These tricks will allow your child to become aware that eating 100% natural foods is the best for his health and his body and that apples, beans, tomatoes or carrots do not come directly from the counter of the supermarket on duty, but rather They make a journey from the field to the plate on the table.

More and more brands of children's products are becoming aware that fathers and mothers only want 100% natural food. A brand that has taken good note of this is Hero Baby which, under the Hero Baby Quality, guarantees that its jars 'are only what you see' and They have no additives or preservatives.

Hero Baby, a leading expert company in child nutrition, offers parents of the 21st century the best alternatives to feed their children during the different stages of their growth. That is why they develop their little jars, with recipes adjusted to their nutritional needs, with the best raw materials and using the best processes.

- For example, did you know that the farms selected to grow their products have to be properly isolated? In this way, this company wants to avoid the risk that the ingredients it is going to use may suffer contamination from nearby areas.

- Another factor that demonstrates Hero Baby's commitment to infant feeding is the contact, communication, cooperation and work closely it maintains with the farmers in charge of collecting the different fruits and vegetables with which its products are made. From this close collaboration, the so-called Cultivation Agreement, a document that precisely describes all the actions to optimize the development of food during the vegetative cycle.

- Proximity is another key element for the preparation of the recipes for the Hero Baby jars. Most of the ingredients used are of Spanish origin and locally produced, such as the Region of Murcia and the rest of Spain. And, only in the cases in which a product cannot be found within the national territory and it is in high demand, first quality raw materials are used in the international market.

- And finally, there is no rush here! The moment in which the selection of these products is carried out is of vital importance. Everything is done on time and with a lot of patience! The land is taken care of, it is worked with great care, it is observed and, only when they are in optimal conditions, the harvesting process takes place and, later, transport to the factory where they are prepared with much love.

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