The silent card technique for children with fear of exams

The silent card technique for children with fear of exams

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The silent token technique It is a very simple idea with which it is intended to teach children that they do not have to have any fear of exams, they are in the course that they are, because it is really a file like the ones they do every day only in silence. At my son's school, he is now 7 years old and in the second year of primary school, they use this method at the end of each term to do the evaluation. Trust me, it gives excellent results.

If I told you: 'you have an exam tomorrow', what is the first thing that would cross your mind? Well, surely things like: 'what nerves!', 'I'll have to review a lot', 'what if it doesn't work out?'. If instead of using the word 'test', I use the phrase 'silent card' your answers will surely become a bit more relaxed. In my son's school they know it well and that is why they had the excellent idea of ​​changing one name to another.

By the way, if you think that it is a school with a modern methodology, you are wrong, it is a lifelong school that takes years learning from how much children have to teach us. For example, they had the great idea of ​​letting the students choose the name of the class TEA, ('the class of the suns' was the result); They also let parents go to class with the little ones to avoid crying every day at the entrance; on the other hand, there is the creative workshops for Friday afternoons, which is when they are most tired and least willing to do language exercises or math. But I will tell you this on another occasion, let's return to the subject of the silent chips.

The teachers at my little one's school, next year it will also be my daughter's school because she is already turning 3 years old, they believe that children have to do a test at the end of each trimester to see the knowledge they have acquired. In turn, they have the certainty that if they call them an 'exam' or 'evaluation', nerves and insecurities will make an appearance.

I don't know specifically from which teacher the idea came, but what I can tell you is that I loved it as soon as I heard it. My son came home one day and told his father and me that next week they were going to make a silent math worksheet and that he had to go over the sheet in his backpack. It is done, no trace of fear or fear.

But what are the advantages of this silent tab technique for children?

1. Out of nerves and tension
The first advantage is that the students do not get nervous or notice any tension. Instead of working in teams or pairs as they do on a daily basis, on the day of the silent card they have to do the exercise without asking for help or watching what their partner is doing.

2. Goodbye insecurities
Another great advantage is that by putting insecurities out of the picture, students can truly demonstrate what they have learned during that term.

3. Children can do anything!
On the other hand, they learn that making a token by themselves can be simple, just as if they did it in groups.

4. Improvements in classroom communication
There is better communication between teachers and students as they do not see any pressure on whether or not they have to pass the exam. They just have to push themselves, pay attention, and try to do it right.

As my son gets older, I suppose that from that year on, the exams will be old again and the silent cards will fall into oblivion. What I do dare to say is that thanks to this wonderful method my son will face the evaluations with confidence and confidence since for him and all his classmates the exams are not going to be anything other than one more card. Thank you dear teachers!

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