Calculate if your children take the recommended nutrients

Calculate if your children take the recommended nutrients

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Do you want to know if your little one takes the iron and Omega 3 DHA recommended by specialists in child nutrition? We present you an infallible trick! With this calculator you can know in 2 minutes if the iron and Omega 3 DHA, fundamental nutrients that intervene in the brain and cognitive development of the child, are sufficiently present in their daily diet.

The current lifestyle makes rush and stress accompany us 24 hours a day. We have less time to spend with our children, to go shopping at the market and / or the supermarket, to cook homemade dishes like our mothers and grandmothers did ... This makes the menus we prepare a little repetitive and not entirely complete to your needs and circumstances. This fact can make, on the one hand, that we do not unintentionally expose our child to new food groups and, on the other hand, that in their daily intake there is a deficit of some nutrients such as Omega 3 DHA and iron. Why are they so important to [email protected] children?

The fatty acids omega 3 are essential fatty acids, that is to say, that the human body cannot manufacture in the amount we need (we have to resort to foods that contain it). The most relevant type of omega 3 in children is DHA, which is involved in brain development. However, Spanish children consume less than 50% of the recommended daily amount. A figure that could be affected after the recent position of the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition on the limitations of fish consumption in children under 10 years of age and pregnant women, which recommends avoiding the consumption of large oily fish such as swordfish / Emperor, bluefin tuna or dogfish, among others.

He iron for its part, it plays a fundamental role in cognitive development, but in Spain, 2 out of 3 children do not reach the recommended daily intake. The lack of this nutrient manifests itself in children in chronic tiredness and apathy that can lead to anemia, that is, a condition in which the body lacks enough red blood cells. If it is not treated in time, anemia can affect the development of the child considerably.

Knowing if a child sleeps the hours he needs or if his weight and height ratio is adequate, is something relatively easy. However, knowing if you are receiving the recommended iron and DHA intake for its proper development is not that simple. For this reason, the Puleva Nutrition Institute has developed an online calculator in order to make it easier for parents to know if their child's daily diet incorporates the recommended daily amount of iron and DHA that he needs during the growth stage.

There are many nutrients that we must ensure in the feeding of children: Omega 3 DHA, iron, calcium, vitamin D, proteins… How can we do it so that none are missing? The key lies in the eating pattern, which must be complete, balanced and varied, incorporating all the food groups in sufficient quantity and frequency on a daily basis.

It happens that milk continues to be a food with a lot of specific weight in the diet of young children. Hence, it is an excellent vehicle to provide essential nutrients that, according to different nutritional studies in children, it is known that their intake is deficient. Hence the opportunity posed by growth milks, such as Puleva Peques or Puleva Max, which provide extra iron, calcium and omega 3 DHA, among other nutrients, facilitating compliance with the recommendations of health authorities. A small gesture, such as exchanging a glass of classic milk for a glass of growth milk, can make a big difference. Do you want to check it with the calculator?

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