6 benefits of kids believing in magic and making it all worthwhile

6 benefits of kids believing in magic and making it all worthwhile

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No face shines more than that of a child when he discovers the power of magic on Christmas night just before hearing the reindeer pass through the window of his house or on January 6 when he wakes up and sees in the living room, next to the Nativity scene portal, gift boxes; not to mention the surprise of finding a coin under their pillow put there by the tooth fairy. And in that sweet fascination is how I am raising my daughters, because there is nothing like childlike innocence and, because as some experts say, benefits of children believing in magic They range from feeling more empowered to becoming more creative adults. Is it true? I think so!

When parents encourage or facilitate their children's magical beliefs, they help expand their children's imaginations and create memorable experiences in them that will last long after they stop believing, there are even some benefits that carry over into adulthood. With this I do not mean that you have to lie directly to children (everyone has their way of educating them), but I do mean to allow them to believe in magic.

It is clear that as they get older, their magical beliefs will diminish, usually around the age of 9, but we can do things so that children keep the spark of imagination alive as long as possible because that can have a lifetime benefit for their development in society. Something as simple as asking a star for a wish or tossing a coin into a magic pot can be a unique experience for them.

Some of the benefits of boys and girls believing in magic is that they feel empowered. They can be, for example, if they wish as Elsa or Anna, protagonists of Frozen, or as Harry Potter at Hogwarts. They have the power within them to create their worlds and influence the results.

Although some children will be disappointed when the magic they thought was real turns out to be just an illusion, believing in magic can create the feeling of empowerment. Thus, a child who climbs a tree because he thinks he is Spider-Man may fall and break his wrist, but the power of believing in magic can also serve to create positive results. For example, a young child awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus wants to be good so that he receives gifts at Christmas and not coal or, worse, nothing.

All children can be imaginative. Of course, some children have higher levels of innovation and creativity, but all can be idealistic. The belief in magic or the ability to create something from nothing is fundamental for the human being and, although the belief in magic will not determine how creative the child is or will be, it is a way to express their creativity or imagination .

Although there are universal traditions, in each house the arrival of Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy or Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar is celebrated in a different way. Some put food, others drink, some leave a thank you letter ... These little rituals help to collect good memories in the child's brain and establish customs that are passed from parents to children and grandchildren.

In addition, they restore the joy we experience in those special moments and give us a sense of security in knowing that we can count on those traditions year after year. A child's ability to believe in the incredible is part of their innocence, purity and openness, something that every adult can benefit from.

Another good thing about magic is that it develops in the child a playful mentality, that is, to learn through play and, also, it gives them greater energy to face future problems. What would you love to be able to put this playful energy in a bottle and keep it forever? Without a doubt, this is a priceless benefit.

As children get older, they will believe in magic less. Unless it can be extended, for example, through younger siblings or cousins, who are still immersed in this fantastic world. Allow your oldest child to play the Tooth Fairy and leave his coin under the pillow after the little one has lost his first tooth and watch how a great connection takes place between them while magic is the main protagonist of this moment.

One of the main objectives as parents is to help our children become happy adults with a great capacity to adapt to the different circumstances that may appear. Believing in magic allows children to have a flexible, curious mentality and know how to be amazed by anything. These attributes are positively linked to an open and creative person, and if children are able to maintain these qualities as they mature they will be fully happy.

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