The new year's fairy. American Christmas Carol

The new year's fairy. American Christmas Carol

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With the beginning of a new year, a host of new opportunities to make a list of good intentions present themselves to us. Teach children to make their own list of commitments for the new year by telling them the story of 'The New Year's fairy', a beautiful Christmas tale by the American writer Emilie Poulsson with which children will understand that purposes are more easily.

Juan and Matías were two brothers of 7 and 8 years old. But they were very different. Juan was kind and very studious. Matías had a more rebellious character. One day in December, while they were playing, a fairy appeared to them. The fairy told them:

- I've come to bring you a New Year's gift! Here are some books.

Each brother took one of the books, but it turns out they were blank. There was nothing written! Juan, who was very grateful, was very happy and thanked the fairy. But Matías grunted. He got so angry that he threw the book into a mud puddle. And when he got home, he used it to balance a table leg that was a little limp.

A whole year passed, and again the fairy appeared. This time, he asked them to show him the little books he had given them the year before. The book of John was like new. Matías's, all dirty. Then he told them to take a look at the pages of the books. Matías's notebook was full of smudges. Nothing was understood. However, his brother's were filled with beautiful gold lettering.

- Matías- said the fairy- All those blots are from the moments when you didn't behave well with others. When you argued with your brother, when you hit your friend, when you disobeyed your mother ... Your brother, however, has been kind, and that is why his book is written in letters of gold. Juan, the gold letters are for every time you gave your mother a kiss, or when you left your toys to your sister. That day you helped your classmate in class or that day you helped an old man cross.

Juan wanted to keep his book. It was so pretty! But the fairy said it couldn't be, because those books they had to go to Father Time's library, who noted each year which children had been good and which had misbehaved.

In return, the fairy offered them two new books, both with blank pages. Matías had learned his lesson, and he promised the fairy that his book would be full of golden letters the following year. Juan assured that he would try to improve more. The fairy said goodbye to them with a happy new year!

Telling stories to children will bring you closer to them, so do not miss the opportunity to sit with him for a little bit each day (bedtime can be a fantastic moment) and connect through the stories they form. the letters.

And since we are now in the middle of the Christmas period, what better way to do it than with stories where Christmas is one more actor and with stories that they transmit to us and we They teach values ​​such as friendship, generosity, or solidarity.

- Artaban, the fourth Wise Man
This story, based on a story by the American writer Henry Van Dike, launches a theory about the Magi. And what if instead of being three, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar, their majesties from the East had been a quartet? What would this fourth Wise Man have carried on his camel to the baby Jesus? Find out!

- Saint Nicholas socks
From Turkey comes this story that is based on a legend that tells the story of Saint Nicholas, a bishop who liked to see people happy. An excellent example for children, but also for the oldest in the house.

- The gifts of the child Jesus
Written by the German Count Franz Pocci, 'The Gifts of the Christ Child' is a beautiful story of generosity and kindness. It explains in a very funny and curious way why in all the houses at this time the Christmas tree is put, why it is a fir tree and why it is decorated. What if it had walnuts and apples hanging on its branches?

- A Christmas lesson
This Christmas story comes to us from Peru and is not starred by Santa Claus or the baby Jesus or the Three Wise Men. Its protagonist is Rodolfo the Reindeer, the red-nosed reindeer who pulls Santa's sleigh on the night of December 24 to arrive on time and for all the children to open their presents.

- The Robin Fire
Do you want to know an Irish legend that talks about a bird? But not just any one, a robin, who protected the baby Jesus in his portal in Bethlehem so that he would not be cold the first night he arrived in the world. A story full of tenderness to tell to children!

The celebration of New Year's Eve and New Year's Eve is the perfect opportunity for the whole family to sit around the table to talk about how they feel about the new year and what they expect from the new one that is about to begin. If you don't know how to do it, here are some ideas!

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