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The development of the baby at week 10 in the mother's gut

The development of the baby at week 10 in the mother's gut

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Every week of your baby in your gut is a new discovery. You could even say that things happen almost daily. If you are in the 10th week of pregnancy, you will want to know what happens to your little one these days and what changes he experiences. There are so many that we have gathered them all in this post! Discover how is the development of the baby at week 10 in the mother's gut.

At week 10, your sapling is 8 weeks old and is about the size of a prune. It measures approximately 23 millimeters (3 to 4 centimeters) and at the end of this week it ceases to be an embryo and is now a fetus.Its weight is more or less 5 grams and its appearance is more than human. And, another great news, this week you can detect if a pregnancy is twin or multiple. You want to know more?

- Already their organs are formed and on your site, but they still do not work with full autonomy.

- The placenta is already fully functional and the yolk sac is being collected and already begins to move within the amniotic fluid, like little fish in water.

- Start swallowing, drinking his own amniotic fluid, which allows his digestive system to develop. The intestines begin to take their position.

- The umbilical cord already carries blood between the placenta and the baby and, therefore, the oxygen and nutrients necessary for its vitality. And it can already be seen in an ultrasound !!!

- Your head is separated further from the neck, allowing the neck to lengthen further and the jaw develops more.

- His nose already protrudes in his face, the eyes are still separated and the lids are fused to the skin. His mouth and lips are practically how you will see them and his outer ears are also fully formed, although in a lower position than they will be at the end of his development.

- The tongue and palate begin to form, as do the primordia of the little teeth.

- In his body already the fingers and toes have grown and separated and he can bend the wrists. The nails begin to develop.

- Legs start to get longer and we can already observe the joints of the elbows and knees.

- And another important finding this week is that lanugo appears, which is a velvety body hair that protects the baby's skin.

Probably the people around you still do not appreciate the growth of your belly, but you already feel it and see it, even already cyou start to feel the clothes tighter and most likely you have gained about two kilos.

The opposite can also happen, that you are suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum and that this circumstance has led you to lose a few pounds of weight, although I give you good news, and that is that those frequent discomforts of nausea and vomiting and even , of fatigue.

If you look at yourself in the profile in the mirror, you will see a small curve that is already drawn on your belly and that for most is very exciting. The increase in the uterus is compressing the bladder, which will make you feel a frequent urge to urinate.

Your breasts, meanwhile, will continue to feel more congested, To the point that you may have to buy more comfortable and larger bras or bras.

You may feel fatigued or dizzy, for changes in the cardiovascular system; also the appearance of small red spots called 'spider veins' on the skin of the face, legs or other parts of the body due to dilation of the blood capillaries. In any case, do not worry, it is not dangerous and will pass when the pregnancy ends.

In this 10th week of pregnancy and your baby in your tummy, you must follow the recommendations from previous weeks, but it is worth reviewing all of them.

- Keep up your good eating habits. Lower the amount of salt in your meals to avoid fluid retention and, therefore, annoying edema or swelling in the area of ​​the feet and legs. All this will also help maintain normal blood pressure.

- Maintain good hydration and eat plenty of fruits and vegetablesto avoid constipation (eat fiber) and to obtain a good supply of vitamins and minerals.

- Avoid alcohol, cigarettes or drugs.

- Little coffee, tea, chocolate or dark drinks.

- Avoid fried foods if you still have heartburn, gas or gastroesophageal reflux (regurgitation).

- To avoid 'spider veins' stay active. Walk at least half an hour every day and, when sitting, raise your legs or do circular exercises with them.

- Be aware of possible discomfort when urinating such as burning, pain or very frequent urination with changes in urine color. They are usually due to urinary infections, which are dangerous for the baby's health. If so, consult your gynecologist immediately.

- If you buy new bras or bras, preferably they do not have whales.

Stay in contact with your gynecologist and do not stop going to your controls or ingesting the recommended vitamins, especially folic acid, which helps your beautiful baby develop well.

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