The magic of fir. Christmas stories for children about sadness

The magic of fir. Christmas stories for children about sadness

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We parents would like our children to be always happy, right? However, sadness is a necessary emotion that we must also teach them, so that they learn to identify it, understand it and name it when they feel it. This Christmas story, entitled 'The magic of fir' Talk to the children about this emotion and explain how we can help someone who is upset to be a little bit happier. We have accompanied this story by Marisa Alonso with some reading comprehension activities that will help your children better understand the story.

They were in the town's main square, under the fir tree, when the Christmas carols began to play.

I don't like these parties - Damien said to his three friends.

Carlota, Daniel and Fernando knew it, they knew why they felt that way and they lowered their heads sadly without saying anything.

Damien had lost his mother on Christmas three years ago, and those dates were especially sad for his entire family.

- I'd like to get away from here! I do not like Christmas! - Damien said suddenly, thinking aloud.

- Don't say that please! - Carlota said ruefully making a very sad face.

- We don't want you to leave! - Fernando and Daniel said, nodding at the same time.

The fir, who was listening to the children's conversation, began to gather its branches to wrap them with them.

- What happened? - Damien said as he felt caressed by the fir branches.

They all looked up, hugging each other as well, and at that moment, Damien began to feel better. A few minutes later, at seven in the afternoon, the City Council turned on the lights to inaugurate the Christmas festivities. So, the fir was also illuminated giving a lot of heat to the little ones, who when feeling part of the set exclaimed:

- Ohhhhhhhhh! How nice!

Damien, inadvertently, found himself humming the Christmas carol from the speakers. He knew that his mother was there and asked him to be happy and enjoy life; I didn't want him to be sad.

His friends seeing him happy, without stopping hugging, began to sing with him. When Damien's father and little sister arrived and saw him singing they were infected with his happiness.

Magic seemed to have been unleashed under that fir tree.

Take advantage of the reading of this story to suggest some reading comprehension activities to your children. Practicing this skill will be very useful for their studies, since little by little it will cost them less effort to understand what they are reading.

Here we propose three activities related to what you have just read. Propose them to your children as a game so that, in this way, they are more open to learning with them. Do not forget to adapt the activities to the age and level of your children. And, in case they don't know how to answer some of the questions, you can reread the story as many times as you want.

1. True or false questions
First of all, we propose some statements about the text. Some of them are true, but others are false. Ask your children to try to find those that are not true and to justify the reason for their answer.

  • Damien did not like Christmas parties.
  • Damien's mother passed away at Christmas a few years ago.
  • In spite of everything, Damien was not sad at all.
  • The fir tree wanted to help Damien feel better.
  • It was no use that the Christmas tree hugged the children, Damien was still sad.
  • Damien's family did not manage to rejoice that Christmas either.

2. Order the story
This activity is usually very entertaining for children as it becomes something of a word puzzle. Here are some phrases related to the story. They are messy and you have to put them in order correct for the story to make sense.

  • The fir tree, which saw the child very sad, tried to tuck him in so that he could feel its warmth.
  • His family, seeing Damián so happy, were also infected with Christmas happiness.
  • Damien didn't like Christmas at all because his mother had passed away a few years before.
  • With the caresses of the Christmas fir, Damien became more and more happy.

3. Write the plural and the antonym of these words
Work on the concepts of singular-plural and antonym-synonym by asking your children to detail them in the following words extracted from the text:

  • Below: antonym
  • They lowered: antonym
  • Christmas: plural
  • Conversation: plural
  • Branches: singular
  • Small: singular and synonymous

Sadness and happiness are two basic emotions of children. The little ones are not born knowing how to manage them, as happens with other emotions such as fear or disgust, so we must work them with them. A good way to do this is through stories. For this reason, below we have made a small selection of some children's stories that speak of different emotions.

- Lucas and his shadow
With this story, we can talk to children about happiness. The protagonists of the story are Lucas and his shadow, who learn an important lesson: with small gestures they can make others feel happy.

- Baron and the boy who was sad
Elijah was very sad. What does this mean? That he was crestfallen, that he didn't feel like playing, that he wasn't smiling ... Thank goodness that Baron the dog made him happy again. Read this story with your children and talk with them about some situations in which they have also felt sad.

- The colorful head
What is envy? This story tells children about this emotion and shows them why it can lead us to misbehave with other people.

- Friends of the night
Many children go through a time when they are afraid of the dark. This story starring a boy named Tomás will give them the courage to face their nightly fears.

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