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Saint James Day, November 28. Names for boys

Saint James Day, November 28. Names for boys

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Jaime is a name for boys of Hebrew origin that means 'whom God will protect'. It is a name of exceptional beauty for its simplicity and forcefulness, so it can be perfect for your child. Although it is not one of the most frequent names, it likes it because it has managed to maintain all its freshness despite its long tradition. Celebrate your name day November 28, which is the day of Santo Jaime.

All parents who have a child named Jaime have November 28 marked on your agenda. And it is that this is the day in which the saints of Saint James of the Mark. This was a religious from Italy who is also known as Domenico or Jacopo Gangala. He was a Franciscan, so he is usually represented with the typical habit of this order. The painter Francisco de Zurbarán himself painted him in one of his works carrying a chalice with wine.

This saint was born into a family with few resources, something that did not prevent him from studying and even obtaining a doctorate in civil law. He was a great preacher, author of 18 books and promoter of constructions such as churches, libraries and other infrastructures necessary for daily life. His name day is celebrated on November 28 because it was on this date in 1476 that he died in Naples.

While many celebrate the saint of Jaime on November 28, there are other dates for the name day of this name. An example of this is January 18, when the day of San Jaime Hilario Barbal is celebrated.

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The name Jaime is known throughout the world thanks to the Hebrew tradition. It belongs to the same family of names as Jacobo, Yago, Tiago, Santiago and Diego, so we find countless variants both in Spanish and in other languages. James, Jaume, Giacomo, Jacques, Jacob or Iago are some of the most popular shapes.

The number of kings who have borne the name Jaime throughout history may help you to choose the name of your baby. But also we meet very popular figures like the Spanish presenter Jaime Cantizano or the journalist Jaime Peñafiel.

But, in addition, it is curious to discover that there are different areas of the world that are linked by name to Jaime. An example of this is the city of San Jaime de la Frontera, in the province of Entre Ríos (Argentina). In Spain we find municipalities such as San Jaime Frontañán (Barcelona) or San Jaime dels Domenys (Tarragona).

Numerology states that each of the letters of the names correspond to a number. When adding all of them we find a number, which gives us some clues about the personality of the person who bears that name. In this way, Jaime could be decomposed into J (1), A (1), I (9), M (4), E (5). The sum of these figures gives 20. If we add 2 + 0, it remains that Jaime's number is 2.

According to numerology, all those who are related to the number 2 are usually very generous and supportive. Therefore, they do not hesitate to help their friends whenever they need it or lend them their toys. In addition, they are characterized by having a big heart.

As a general trait, it is also usually determined that they are a bit shy children, so it is difficult for them to make friends. Of course, when they manage to build a relationship with an equal, they are faithful to them forever.

Many parents like compound names, as they offer the ability to give babies two names, without having to choose just one. That is why below we propose some ideas of names that match Jaime, both when we use this as the first name and when we put it in the second position.

  • Jaime Abraham. This name conveys spirituality and faith. The patriarch Abraham, as you know, offered his son to God as a sacrifice. It is a Hebrew name that means 'exalted father'.
  • Jorge Jaime. A name that sounds very strong and forceful due to the use of two letters J (and one G) in the combination of names. Jorge is a name of Greek origin that refers to those who work the land.
  • Luis Jaime. Luis is an ideal name for compounding, as it is short and matches almost any other name. It is of German origin and means 'victorious warrior'.
  • Jaime Manuel. Of Hebrew origin, Manuel means 'God is with us'. If you want to give your baby a very loud name combination, this is a very nice option.

If you are thinking of putting Jaime to the baby that is about to be born, you may like children's names with J. Therefore, here are some ideas of names that could help you choose how to name your baby. We accompany each of these names with their origin and meaning, so that it costs you less to make the decision.

  • Javier. Javier is a very common name, especially in countries like Spain. Its origin is Basque and means 'new house'. Its diminutive that is used more frequently is Javi.
  • Juan. There are names that are a guarantee of success because they have been in use for many decades. Juan is one of them. It is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'Yahweh is favorable'. Also, you can combine it with any other name and make a nice compound name.
  • Jesus. Jesus is a Hebrew name that means 'Yahweh is the savior'. If you are looking for names with a clear religious component, without a doubt this is one of them.
  • Joaquin. Joaquín was the father of the Virgin Mary, that is, the grandfather of Jesus. It is a name that conveys elegance and bearing, right? Its origin is Hebrew and its meaning 'Yahweh will build'.
  • Joseph. Among the best names for boys that begin with the letter J we find, José. It is a Hebrew name whose meaning is 'Yahweh has erased'. A name with a great tradition that you could use for your baby.

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