Christmas stories for children

Christmas stories for children

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Christmas is a very special time of the year. For children they are magical days and for adults they are moments of remembrance and of recovering that childlike spirit that remains hidden the rest of the year.

The tales, stories and legends of Christmas are countless. They are stories that make you dream of the magical days of Christmas full of gifts and special moments with the family.

In we have gathered one selection of the best Christmas stories for children, folk tales, short stories, modern, traditional ... that your children will surely like a lot.

Christmas stories for children remind us of older and smaller values ​​such as generosity, sharing with those who have less than you. Very important lessons for the rest of the year.

Follow a selection of Christmas stories that you can enjoy as a family during the Christmas holidays. Also, if you know others, you can send them to us and thus continue to complete the list of Christmas stories.

Charles Dickens Christmas Carol. Christmas story for children. Tale of Charles Dickens. This tale is one of the classics of the Christmas holidays. It tells the story of an evil and uranus man, Mr Scrooge who changes his way of being during a cold Christmas due to the visit of three ghosts

The story of Santa Claus. Do you know the story of Santa Claus? Santa Claus has multiple and varied names. His Christmas legend speaks of Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus, Old Easter, Father ice ... But what does not change is the little old man with a pink complexion, dressed in a red suit and a long white beard.

Birth of the baby Jesus. How to explain to children the birth of the baby Jesus? Through a traditional tale about the origin of Christmas. On our site we help you tell the children the story of Jesus, the Portal of Bethlehem, the Magi, Mary and Joseph. A lovely Christian Christmas story for children.

A Christmas in the woods. Children's tale of values ​​for Christmas with children. A Christmas in the woods is a children's story about selfishness and friendship. A story that highlights that the most valuable treasure a person has is friendship. Therefore, we must take care of it every day, so that it grows.

Rudolph the reindeer. Christmas stories for children about the reindeer Rudolph, the one with the red and shiny nose. our site offers us the story of Santa's most loved and admired reindeer: Rudolph the reindeer. Through this beautiful Christmas legend, children will be able to learn how the reindeer Rodolfo has emerged.

A Christmas present. Children's Christmas stories with values ​​for children. A Christmas present is a Christmas story to teach the true values ​​of the Christmas holidays to children. The stories are a good resource to make children understand the meaning of certain holidays such as Christmas.

The boy who wants it all. The Boy Who Wants Everything is a Christmas story about a boy who wants too many gifts and the consequences of greed and selfishness for his life. Also, through this story, children will discover the importance of sharing with others. And it is that stories are an excellent tool to educate in values.

The Christmas tree. Find out what is the best Christmas gift for your children with this Christmas story. The Christmas tree is a Christmas story that speaks of values ​​as important as kindness to children. Christmas stories to read as a family. Fables with a moral to educate in values ​​at Christmas.

The star of Bethlehem. Christmas is a great time to transmit values ​​to children through stories. We offer you a beautiful story about the star of Bethlehem, the star that announced the birth of the baby Jesus. Tell the story of the true meaning of Christmas for your children.

The Snowman. The snowman is a Christmas story about love and the need to have people with whom to share happiness by our side. Beautiful story full of values ​​for children. Story to enjoy with the children and the whole family at Christmas parties.

The selfish giant. Children's tale of the selfish giant for children's Christmas. Christmas stories with values ​​and moral. Read with your children the story 'The Selfish Giant', a classic Christmas story. A short story that talks about how nature is able to turn a selfish person into a generous person.

An incredible journey. Children's story 'An incredible journey' for the children's Christmas holidays. A funny story about the mouse Carlos, who goes on a fantastic journey at Christmas. Original and beautiful Christmas short stories for children. Stories and fables that rescue the values ​​of Christmas for children.

The cook on Christmas Eve. The Christmas Eve Cook is a story to read aloud to children during Christmas. It is a story with a message to teach children positive values ​​so lived in the Christmas holidays. Read this story to your child and talk to him about the message it conveys.

The girl of the matchsticks. The lyrics of one of the classic Christmas stories: The Little Match Girl. A short story written by the Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen. The story takes place at Christmas, and although it has a sad ending, we can extract a moral from the story.

The Gingerbread Man. Christmas is a great time to tell stories for children. Read this nice story from The Gingerbread Man to your child. Christmas stories with values ​​for children. The Gingerbread Man tale tells the story of a gingerbread cookie that comes to life and multiple characters run after it to eat it.

Enriqueto the mouse. Enriqueto mouse story to read with the children at Christmas. An ideal children's story to read with children at Christmas. In this case, about gluttony. Christmas children's stories. How to educate children in values ​​with Christmas stories. Story about the danger of gluttony at Christmas.

The Nutcracker. Read with your children the Christmas story for children of The Nutcracker and the King of Mice. Take advantage of the Christmas stories to enjoy with your children stories full of Christmas spirit and illusion. In addition, we propose some reading comprehension activities.

The history of the Magi. We present you a beautiful tale of the 3 wise men of the East, so that the children know the true story of Christmas and the legend that surrounds the figures of Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar. In addition, we tell you all the traditions around these characters.

Tale of the Magi. Enjoy this story for children about the Three Kings. Everyone agreed that the baby Jesus needed gifts worthy of his person. Melchor decided to bring gold; Gaspar, frankincense and Baltasar, myrrh. Enjoy this Christmas story with your children.

Once upon a time there was a Twelfth Night. Here is a fantastic story for Christmas. It tells the story of the Magi and the shooting star that guides them to the children's houses every Christmas.

The Christmas rose. The Christmas rose is a fabulous story for these dates, since it transmits values ​​such as kindness, generosity and compassion. Tale adapted for children about Christmas.

Christmas Eve's flower. Poinsettia or Poinsettia. Learn about the short legend of Mexican origin to tell children at Christmas. Legend about the origin of the Christmas Flower. Short stories for Christmas. The Poinsettia is a universal emblem of Christmas. Dressed in red and green, she participates in Christmas more and more actively.

Stories have the power to entertain, but also to educate. And it is that many of the teachings that we must instill in our children can be found in stories. In this way, children will quickly empathize with the story and it will be easier for them to understand values ​​such as solidarity, generosity or kindness. If you also want to use this tool to transmit a lot of learning to your children, we propose a selection of Christmas stories with values!

- A lesson for Jaime
On these dates everything is parties and fun, but perhaps we should stop and reflect on what the true meaning of Christmas is, what image we are transmitting to our children and, above all, how our children behave in the face of the fact of receive or not gifts.

- The box of kisses
I have a handkerchief nearby because you may even shed a tear while reading to your son the story of a girl who shows her parents that there is no better gift than a hug and a kiss from the heart.

- Magical chaos
Have you stopped to think about all the work that Santa Claus and the elves have to do on the night of December 24 so that all the children receive their gifts on time? They are almost out of hands! But, do you want to know where they get the strength and energy so that everything goes well that day? Of you!

- Chestnuts passed through water
How difficult it is for children to identify with what happens to others! True? If it really costs us adults, it costs them more! For this reason, the story of 'Chestnuts passed through water' can allow you to talk to the little ones about what empathy is and how to empathize with others.

- Christmas presents
How can we make Christmas a little better world? It is at our fingertips and it is much easier than we think.

- The barefoot boy
Generosity is a value that is very present at Christmas since there are many opportunities within our reach to share with others and give something of ours to those who need it most. And about these concepts is the story of this child who has no resources and, despite this, decides to give another child what little he has.

If your children like Christmas stories, you can alternate with Christmas poems. Another best literary and educational way to tell magical stories that happen in this context. Poetry also has a lot of benefits for its development: it exercises memory and concentration, makes the little one develop a greater sensitivity to the world, expands his vocabulary and encourages his imagination and creativity.

Having said all this, surely you want to know some of the most famous Christmas poems to start reciting them to your little ones today. Is that so? We started!

- Jesus, the sweet is coming
We recommend this poetry to recite at Christmas Eve dinner, before the birth of baby Jesus. Written by Juan Ramon Jimenez, author of Platero y yo, will reach your heart through his verses loaded with emotion.

- The child God is born
A very beautiful text that, in addition to talking about Christmas, can teach your children the sounds made by the different animals that gather around the baby Jesus' manger.

- Jesus, Mary and Joseph
In our selection of the best Christmas poems, you cannot miss one of the great Spanish poetess Gloria Fuertes. Jesús, María y José will become one of the children's favorites because of the simplicity of its vocabulary and, also, because of how easy the rhyme is.

- Who has entered the portal of Bethlehem?
It is a beautiful poem written by Gerardo diego, Spanish representative of the generation of 27, which can be converted into a unique text to include in your Christmas greeting from your loved ones.

- Santa Claus
One of the characters most loved by children also has a poem to recite at this time of year. Can you imagine that on Christmas Eve afternoon you find your letter to Santa Claus on your desk? Will you run out of gifts? This is what this poetry is about.

The Christmas tales They are really special because it makes parents and children connect with this time of year and allow ourselves to be intoxicated by the true spirit of Christmas, something that completely removes the consumerism that increasingly haunts us.

Most Christmas stories always hide a moral behind them, which makes them really attractive to parents, but we should not reduce the fact of telling stories to this time of year. The stories should be present 365 days a year, 7 days a week, and there are many benefits that doing this activity on a regular basis can bring to children:

  • Improves concentration
  • Enrich the vocabulary
  • Reduce stress
  • Boosts memory
  • Develop imagination
  • Encourage creativity
  • Narrow the family bond
  • Transmit values
  • Teaches to channel emotions

As for the theme, you can find them of all kinds! In the market there are stories of all kinds, even themes that you would never have imagined. Stories, of course, with values, but also stories to deal with jealousy before the arrival of a little brother, for when the child has lice, to work on self-esteem problems, to talk about issues such as bullying or bullying ... There is no excuse to start discovering the wonderful world that stories hold!

Another very common question for parents is finding the best time to sit down with the child to read a story, but there are no rules here, it depends on each family! The moment before going to sleep has always been seen as the ideal time, but you can also do it in the afternoon or even in situations such as on the way to school or on a long car trip that we do with the little ones. Let's not reduce them to just being at home! The stories and their characters also have the right to come out of the four walls.

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