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Christmas-related names for babies

Christmas-related names for babies

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Is your baby going to be born this Christmas? Then you sure have several nicknames in mind. And, as you already know, names not only say a lot about the tastes of parents and the family in general, but also have an important meaning. For something they say the baby's name helps define his personality and character. When choosing the name of the child, many families consider the moment in which they are living. How about choosing a Christmas-related name for your child? We propose you a few ideas of Christmas related names for boys and girls, We tell you the meaning of each of them and you already choose the one that most fills your heart with joy.

The closer we get to Christmas, that endearing time awaited by children and those who are not so young, many parents choose names related to this Christian holiday to name their children. It is not for less! It is a celebration that has a long tradition. If you think about it, surely among your family or friends there is someone named Jesus or Natividad for being born just on Christmas day. The Christmas names that we propose here, without a doubt, are among the most chosen by many families for their babies.

Christmas, along with Easter and Pentecost, is one of the most prominent holidays of Christianity which is celebrated all over the world. It has a purely religious meaning because it is that date (December 25) on which the birth of Jesus Christ is commemorated in Bethlehem. It is a public holiday celebrated in many countries and celebrated by millions of people. If Christmas has a special value for you too, the following baby names will seem wonderful.

If, in addition to being a name related to Christmas, your other requirement is that it be a short name, pay attention to the following suggestions!

It is a proper name for children that has its origin in Hebrew and that means 'Savior'. In turn, it is the diminutive of Jehovah. Jesus is the Son of Christ, who was sent to earth to save humanity. The day of the Saint of Jesus is December 25, a day considered Christmas and which is after Christmas Eve.

This Christmas name for girls also has a Hebrew origin. Its meaning is 'The chosen one, the one loved by God'. It was later when this nickname was associated with the Mother of Jesus Christ, who was left in a state by the work and grace of the Holy Spirit. It is said of the women who bear this name that they are strong, courageous, supportive and with a kind heart.

It is another Christmas name for boys that has a leading role in the Holy Bible, as he is considered the father of Jesus. Like Mary and Jesus, Joseph also has a Hebrew origin. As for its meaning, it means 'Whom God magnifies'. His saint is celebrated every March 19.

It is a female nickname of Hebrew origin and whose meaning is the 'House of bread'. If we look at the sacred scriptures, specifically in the New Testament, we discover that Bethlehem is the city in which Jesus was born. There the shepherds and the Three Wise Men went to leave their presents at the feet of the newborn.

Christmas female name of Latin origin, comes specifically from the term 'Pax', which is used especially as a Marian evocation. Its most common meaning is 'Tranquility, harmony'. Those who bear this name are usually cheerful in heart and spirit.

This Christmas name is heard more and more in regions of Latin America. It has its origin in Latin and takes the French form of Natal which means 'The day of birth' as ​​it refers to the day that Jesus of Nazareth came to the world.

It is a name for girls that comes from Latin, it means: 'Admiration, fame, prestige, honor. Invocation to the Lord. ' It appears in the Bible as a sacred praise.

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If everyone in your house looks proud of a traditional name, with history and the longer the better, you probably want the same for your child! If so, you will love this list of names.

It is a name for girls with a Spanish origin and a religious meaning that refers to the announcement of the Angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary that she is going to be the mother of Jesus. Representations of this event in which the Angel Gabriel is seen flying in front of Mary are very common. Those who bear this name are characterized by being happy people who like to be next to their loved ones.

The proper name Manuel finds its origin in ancient Hebrew. It comes to mean: 'God is with us'. It is a Christmas nickname that to this day is still one of the most chosen by many families around the world. It can be put on its own or as a compound name accompanied by Jesús, Pedro or Antonio.

It is of Latin origin and its meaning means 'birth'. It is a Christian nickname that evokes the feast of the same name, that is, the birth of Mary and, later, the birth of her son Jesus of Nazareth celebrated on December 25.

Its origin is Persian and its meaning 'King of light'. Melchor, according to the Gospel Saint Matthew, was in charge of delivering the Gold on the day of the Birth of Jesus.

It is a male name of Persian origin whose meaning comes to say: 'Administrator of the treasure'. Continuing with the Saint Matthew Gospel, Gaspar leaves the incense at the feet of the Newborn. Baltasar: is the third Wise King whose name is of Assyrian origin. Its most widespread meaning is 'Protected by God'. He was in charge of leaving the gold in the manger.

It corresponds to the third Wise Man, that is, to the wise men of the East who, guided by a star, to give the child Jesus some presents, in this case, myrrh. It is said that this name is originally from Babylon and that it comes from Bel-Sar-Utsor, equivalent of God protects the King.

This is another Christmas name for girls that has its origins in Old Latin. It is derived from Noel and its meaning is 'Consuelo, the one who finds rest'. They say of the women who bear this name that they transmit peace and harmony to those who are by their side.

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Christmas is an endearing time to live alongside loved ones and also to reflect on its deepest meaning. A meaning that becomes even more special if your baby is going to be born on those dates. And it is that this of becoming a mother and father is something that changes your life and fills it with the most beautiful of joys. If your baby is going to be born during the Christmas holidays, congratulations twice!

Whether your child is going to be born on the same day, December 25, in Reyes or in the next few days, it is clear that he will have a very special personality. They say that those born at Christmas are kind, sincere, humble in heart and that, in addition, they have the gift of knowing how to share and value the little things in life.

Yes, it is lucky to have your newborn child in your arms, to see his face at Christmas and to be able to share it with your loved ones, keep these precious memories in your mind and do not forget that by the time the following Christmas arrives your little one will already be one year old and you will be more than ready to enjoy the magic of these special days. Have you already chosen a Christmas-related name for your baby?

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