Where does Santa Claus enter if there is no fireplace, the great question of children at Christmas

Where does Santa Claus enter if there is no fireplace, the great question of children at Christmas

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Someone very special who always wears a red suit and sports a super long white beard is getting ready. Yes, you were right, it's Santa Claus! So if he's almost ready to hand out gifts, you should get down to business with the wish list. And it is that there is less to come for one of the most magical nights of the year. And speaking of magic Where does Santa Claus enter if there is no chimney? Let's find out!

Traditionally, as you well know, it has always been said that Santa Claus uses the fireplace to deliver his gifts, but, and here's the question my oldest son asked me the other day, 'What does Santa Claus do when there is no fireplace? ' Undoubtedly a question that does not leave any little one indifferent and that surely your children have also had a question of this type. It is no wonder, the gifts are at stake, they have been good all year, so nothing can be left to chance.

I have been researching to give my son a real answer that clears all his concerns, so after much reading and after asking the Elves, Santa's kind helpers, I have discovered that he has several ways of entering the house to leave the gifts and you don't always wear it. Amazing! Well, yes, as you hear it, the information that I am going to tell you below is true so do not hesitate for a second and share it with your children. You will see how excited they are!

- The magic key of Santa Claus
From what the Elves and Goblins have told me, if Santa is going to go to a house where there is a fireplace, he doesn't think for a second and walks through it. Why? Well, because for him it is a slide! This is the first and best-known way that Santa Claus has of entering homes to leave the gifts that he has prepared with so much love. Of course, nowadays there are few houses that have a large fireplace, don't panic, Santa just has to use his magic key to enter the house.

Exactly, the magic that is experienced at Christmas and of which Santa Claus is a super fan, is one of his tricks to enter homes and leave gifts under the tree or next to the shoes of children and not so children . It is a golden key that is capable of opening and closing any door. If this December 25 you notice that the entrance mat is somewhat shaken and with reindeer footprints, you know who it was.

- Santa Claus can also enter through the window
If Santa wants to enter a house to leave his gifts and is in a bit of a hurry because he really wants to eat the cookies that the children have put on the table, go in through the window! He tells the reindeer to slow down and jumps out the window.

Of course, here he also uses his magic, because we all know that, in December and at night, all the windows in the world are closed. Remember to leave a glass of milk and a few cookies and some carrots for Rudolph and his friends.

Santa Claus or Father Christmas, who each call him as he likes, is an endearing character who exudes magic, joy and confidence, so it is well worth getting to know him a little more closely, don't you think? Read the curiosities that we have discovered and, when your children ask you questions, you will have all the answers.

- The first times that Santa Claus distributed gifts around the houses he did not do it on the sleigh that we know today, he did it on horseback! It was in 1823 that the poet Clement Moore saw him on his sleigh for the first time and he told us this in his poem 'A Visit to Saint Nicholas'.

- Santa Claus is a language expertFor something he can read the letters that come to him from all over the world. If you want to write him a letter in English this Christmas, go ahead! Surely he is so excited that he even leaves you a thank you note.

- If you have ever thought about going to visit his house you must know that he is in Rovaniemi (Finland), a place where it is very cold, so you have to be warm.

- The reindeer are actually female. And we do not say it, as a recent study has shown. Of course, magical female reindeer, because if they can fly ...

- He's always dressed in red. Since it was unveiled many years ago, Santa Claus has always worn his familiar red suit and long white beard.

And it is so, that after so much magic and so many emotions, children wake up on Christmas morning and will know immediately that Santa Claus has been there. Enjoying this wonderful time is something that is priceless.

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