A Christmas present. Christmas story

A Christmas present. Christmas story

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We invite you to read this beautiful Christmas story to teach the true value of the Christmas holidays. Through stories, children can understand the meaning of many celebrations such as Christmas. Read this nice Christmas story, entitled 'A Christmas Present', to your children so that they understand what are the true values ​​that we cannot forget this Christmas season. Teach your child the true spirit of Christmas by your example.

In one small town there was only one store that sold Christmas trees. Trees of all sizes, shapes, and colors could be found there. The store owner had organized a contest to reward the most beautiful and best decorated tree of the year and the best of all is that it would be Saint Nicholas himself who was going to deliver the award on Christmas Day. All the children in the city wanted to be awarded by Santa and went to the store to buy his little tree to decorate it and be able to compete.

For their part, the little trees were very excited to see the children arrive. Each of the firs wanted to be the chosen one and they shouted at them: 'Me ... me ... look at me!' Every time a child entered the store it was the same, the little trees began to make an effort to attract attention and be chosen.

'I'm big!', 'No, not chubby!' or 'I'm made of chocolate!' or 'I can talk!' It could be heard throughout the store. As the days went by, the store ran out of small trees and only the voice of a small tree was heard saying: 'Me, me ... I'm the smallest'.

At the store he arrived, almost on Christmas Eve, a very elegant couple who wanted to buy a little tree.

The store owner informed them that his only remaining Christmas tree was a very small one. Regardless of the size, the couple decided to take it with them.

The little tree was very happy because, finally, someone was going to be able to decorate it for Christmas and it could participate in the contest.

Upon arriving at the house where the couple lived, the little tree was surprised: 'How, being so small, can I look before such beauty and majesty?', he told himself.

Once the couple entered the house, they began to call the daughter: 'Regina! ... come ... daughter! ... we have a surprise for you'. The little tree heard quick footsteps from upstairs.

His little heart began to pound. He was happy to be able to make a pretty little girl happy.

When the girl, the little tree, got down, she was impressed by her reaction:

- Is this my tree? I wanted a big, lush tree, huge to the sky to decorate with thousands of lights and spheres. How am I going to win the contest with this dwarf tree? - Said the girl between tears.

"Regina, it was the only little tree left in the store," her father explained.

- I do not want it! It's horrendous ... I don't want it! - the girl screamed furiously.

The disappointed parents took the little tree and They took him back to the store. The little tree was sad because the girl had not wanted it but she was hoping that someone would come for it and they could decorate it in time for Christmas. A few hours later, the store door was heard opening.

'To me ... that I am the smallest', the tree shouted full of happiness. They were a robust couple, with big red cheeks and huge hands. The master of the store informed them that the only tree he had left was that little one by the window. The couple took the tree and without caring about its size, they left with it.

When they got home, the little tree saw two fat children coming out to meet him, shouting: Did you find him, Daddy? ... Is that how we asked you, Mommy? When the parents got out of the car, the children were on top of the little tree.

And what happened next? Finish the story yourself ...

By Amarilis Irigoyen Send your Christmas story!

While you can let your child read this story on his own, sharing a reading time can be a great idea. First, because you will share a very special moment together, which will strengthen the bond that binds you together and will create precious memories that both of you can lovingly evoke in the future.

However, shared reading also has a direct relationship with the oral language development of children. And, in the case of younger children, reading together invites them to have more desire to learn to read and write so that they can enjoy the stories themselves. All these benefits are detailed in the study published by the researchers of the University of Deusto (Basque Country, Spain) Edurne Goikoetxea Iraola and Naroa Martínez Pereña entitled 'The benefits of shared reading of books: brief review'.

Also, if you read this Christmas story with your children, you can take the opportunity to propose the following reading comprehension questions based on the story. This way you can tell if the children were paying attention while you were reading the story.

1. What did the owner of the Christmas tree store do?

2. On Christmas Eve, who came to the store to buy a tree?

3. What reaction did the couple's daughter have when she saw the little tree?

4. After taking you back to the store, did someone else take the fir home?

In addition to these reading comprehension questions, we suggest that you encourage your children to look in the dictionary all the words whose meaning they have not understood. And, as an extra exercise, ask him to think of synonyms for the following words that have appeared in the text:

- Decorate

- Leafy

- Little

- Happiness

- Car

What if you do a Christmas dictation? You are sure to learn a lot of spelling!

As you have already read this Christmas story proposes an open ending for each family to finish it as they like best. Asking your children how they would finish the story themselves can be an excellent exercise to work their imagination and creativity, but also to practice their oral or written expression (if you finally decide to write your alternative ending).

In case you can't think of beautiful endings for this Christmas story with values, here are some ideas that could inspire you to find that ending that you like the most.

- A good happy ending for our friend, the little Christmas tree, could be that the new family that welcomes him home is loving and very friendly. They go overboard with it, place it in the most prominent and beautiful place in the house, put the decorations on it with great affection and only the ones that favor it the most ... All that family love will make the little tree happier than ever And it shows in its appearance: it has never before had such a bright green or grown so much. Do you know what is best? Who managed to win the contest!

- However, in an alternate ending, the family that adopts him last also decides to return him to the store, because the children also wanted to have a bigger tree. So sad was the tree that the owner of the store decided to talk to him. He told her that it doesn't matter what other people think of you, because we all have something that makes us different and special. The little tree will learn to love himself very much and not need anyone's approval to be happy. Seeing the great change of the fir tree, the owner of the store made him, neither more nor less, a judge of the contest along with Santa Claus.

What ending do you like the most?

This Christmas tale can inspire you to have a conversation with your children about the true values ​​of Christmas. Sometimes, driven by gifts and consumerism, we forget some of the most important teachings that we must provide our children. To educate children in values, below we propose some stories that can serve as an educational resource.

- Christmas presents
This Christmas tale can be very valuable as it is about generosity and empathy. This story places us in the annual Christmas Gifts Conference in which, among others, the Three Wise Men and Santa Claus were dedicated to debating which were the best Christmas gifts. However, what if a child sneaks into this meeting? Find out!

- Magic recipe
With this beautiful Christmas story we teach the children that when we all work together we can achieve much more. In this story we travel to the North Pole to tackle a very important crisis that Santa Claus and his elves have: the children have lost their illusion about the usual gifts and only want mobiles. What will you do to find the recipe for the perfect gift for children? Working as a team!

- A Christmas in the forest
Christmas also comes to the forest and the animals are already thinking about how to organize all the Christmas events. They will have to make the best of their friends so that everything goes well and they enjoy this Christmas like never before. With this story and all the activities that we propose you will be able to work with your children on the value of friendship and friends.

- The boy who wants everything
There are children who at Christmas become a bit selfish: they want all the gifts for themselves and they ask thousands of gifts from the Magi and Santa Claus. However, just like the protagonist of this story, they can learn what generosity and kindness are.

Merry Christmas!

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