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What to eat to get pregnant with a girl

What to eat to get pregnant with a girl

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Deciding to have a child is a very important step in a relationship, which, depending on the age and health conditions of the future parents, can be more or less complicated. If, in addition, to the difficulties posed by stress or age, we add the desire to 'choose' the sex of the baby, things can become more complicated, and, without ensuring that the desire of a boy or a girl becomes actually! Could anything be done to bring a girl into this world? Does diet influence? What to eat to get pregnant with a girl?

For centuries, miraculous qualities have been attributed to the diet when selecting the sex of the future child, which, although they have never been proven 100% effective, if it has been shown in recent years that there is some science behind them recommendations.

Research on sperm quality and stability has revealed differences between sperm that carry the X chromosome and those that carry the Y chromosome.

If your wish is for your baby to be a girl, the pair of chromosomes the baby needs is XX. The father has to provide an X chromosome that, by joining the mother's X chromosome, ensures the female sex of the baby. The sperm that contribute the X chromosome are, in general, more resistant than those that contribute the Y chromosome, surviving for a longer time and in more adverse environments, which is why, to begin with, having sex before ovulation tends to ensure that these Y sperm have disappeared when the egg makes its appearance, leaving the X sperm free.

For its part, the environment in which the sperm moves, that is, the intrauterine environment, is affected by the diet of the future mother, and that is where we can also tip the balance to choose the female sex of our baby.

The X sperm are, as we have said, more resistant in adverse environments, such as an acidic medium, which in a few hours kills the competition of Y sperm on their way from the vagina to the uterus. To achieve an acidic environment in the uterus, women must take dietary measures at least 15 weeks before conception, although we must remember that no method is not 100% safe.

- To get pregnant with a girl, the diet must contain the minimum essential salt, and this means that no salt should be added to foods, while avoiding excessively salty foods such as sausages and cold cuts or pickles, in addition to overly aged cheeses and processed foods.

- Carbonated and caffeinated beverages should also be avoidedAlthough to generate more controversy, the artificial sweeteners used in most low-calorie carbonated beverages contribute to that much-desired acidic environment.

- In addition, bananas, potatoes, most citrus fruits and watermelon should be avoided, to promote an alkaline environment, and in general, consume fruits and vegetables with caution.

- In terms of micronutrients, foods high in calcium and magnesium are the most promising for the conception of a girl. Dairy products such as milk, yogurts and low-salt cheeses top the list, although spinach, especially if consumed raw, is a source of both minerals, as well as very healthy. At this point we must remember that, as the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) does not advise, be very careful with the consumption of fresh cheese in pregnancy due to the risk of Listeria.

- Among the fruits, strawberries and other fruits of the forest, plums and pears are the most recommended, although they should not be consumed in excess either. Blue fish, eggs and meats are the most recommended sources of protein, although some legumes such as chickpeas or lentils are also.

- Additionally, the latest research has found a close relationship between the amounts of food that the expectant mother consumes in the weeks around the moment of conception with the sex of the baby. With dietary changes in women, it has been observed that the decrease in the birth rate of male children in developed countries could be related to a low consumption of caloric foods and even skipping breakfast. According to this, limiting caloric intake and eating small portions instead of large meals can help when selecting the female gender in our future baby.

Another tool that can help you conceive a girl is to use our ovulation calculator and find out what your fertile days are (you just have to enter your first day of your last menstruation and the length of your cycles). Once you have that information, you can follow the guidelines below.

- The best thing is that you maintain relations with your partner between the fifth and third day before your ovulation. In this way the female sperm, which are more resistant but at the same time slower, (also called X) will outlive the male sperm (known as Y) and, therefore, have a better chance of fertilizing the egg.

- And, another tip before getting down to work, your partner can take a hot water bath to raise the temperature of the scrotum. With this, what you will achieve is that the male sperm, more sensitive to high temperatures, are destroyed and give way to the female ones to reach their final destination.

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