Tale of the Magi from the East for children

Tale of the Magi from the East for children

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On this occasion we bring you a beautiful story for children, especially on these Christmas dates when the little ones await the arrival of their Majesties on January 6. Then you can read with your children the tale of the Magi from the East, in which you will be able to know the story adapted for children of the three wise men. Use this short story to tell them who they were, what gifts they brought, how they got to Bethlehem and to visit baby Jesus.

Once upon a time many, many years ago, there were three kings who, in addition to being very wise, were able to read and interpret the stars. One lived in Europe, another in Asia and another in Africa and the three of them spent nights and nights looking at the stars, what none of them knew is that one of them would change their life completely.

A good day, Melchor A European king, long-bearded was white, as long as his intelligence was looking at the stars from his palace. Suddenly he saw a shooting star, which stopped high in the sky and shone brighter than the others. Melchior was so intrigued that he decided to head towards the horizon to see her closer. He rode on his camel and set out on a journey.

Gaspar, he reigned in Asia, his hair and beard were brown and, like Melchior, he was a man of great wisdom. He too saw the star from his castle and without thinking twice, he mounted his camel and set out after the beautiful light.

In Africa, another king famous for his astrological predictions, was looking at the sky. its name was Baltasar and the bright star also rested on him. Melchior ran to his stables, mounted his camel, and headed after the bright star.

After a few days of travel, the three kings met on the road. They both began to talk about the sky and that new star that attracted them powerfully. All three came to the same conclusion: the star would lead to the birth of a new king, a king of kings.

All agreed that a king of kings needed gifts worthy of his person. Melchor therefore decided to bring gold; Gaspar, incense; and Baltasar, myrrh, the best presents of the time.

After a long journey, the Magi arrived as far as Bethlehem, right there where the star had settled and they found with great joy and just as they had thought a baby, with his mother Mary and his father, Joseph. Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar, knelt in front of the manger where the Child slept and they put the gifts at his feet.

The baby Jesus was so happy with his visit that granted the three Wise Men the gift of eternal life and the ability to bring gifts to all the children of the world once a year.

In addition to knowing more about the history and origin of the Three Wise Men of the East, this story can help you work on reading comprehension as well as certain language skills. Therefore, below we propose some entertaining exercises with which the children can deepen the story.

We start with some reading comprehension questions. If your child has been paying attention while you read the story, they will have no problem answering them. And in case you did not know how to find any of the answers, you can reread the story as many times as you want.

- What was the hobby that united the three Magi?

- What did you see in the sky that made you set off?

- What means of transport did the Magi use to get around?

- Did the three wise men meet on the way?

- Where would the star they were following take them?

If your little one has managed to answer the above questions correctly, surely they will not have any problem complete the following sentences that we propose based on what the story tells:

- Melchor lived in ......... Gaspar lived in ......... Baltasar lived in ...........

- Melchior's beard is colored .........., while Gaspar's beard color was ........

- Melchior took the child Jesus ............, Gaspar took him ......... and Baltasar, ..............

- The child Jesus gave the Magi the power of ................

And to finish these reading activities, related to the tale of the Magi, below we propose an exercise in which the children have to look up words in the dictionary. We encourage you to use a physical dictionary, rather than an online one, for children to practice their search skills and patience. Look for all the words that the little one has not understood and does not know. These are possibly some of them:

- Firmament.

- Intrigued.

- Undertaken.

- Incense.

- Myrrh.

- Faculty.

In addition, we suggest you do some Christmas dictations with which children can practice spelling.

If your children have liked reading this story about the origin of the Magi, they will also love the following resources that we bring you. These are different activities such as stories, poems or Christmas carols that are carried out by these three very beloved figures of Christmas.

- Poem by Rubén Darío
This Nicaraguan poet left behind a beautiful poem starring the three wise men of the East. In it, each one presents himself before the child Jesus offering him all his love. Due to the structure in which the poem is composed, it can easily become a small school representation in which each child plays a king. They will have a great time!

- Roscón de Reyes recipe
In this compilation of activities related to the Three Kings, we could not help but propose to prepare a rich sweet roscón recipe for Three Kings Day. In countries like Spain, this delicious cake is an indispensable tradition for January 6. And it is that the whole family gathers around this sweet to share a beautiful moment all together.

At Christmas, the roscones de Reyes can be bought in almost any bakery, but you can also prepare it yourself at home. The recipe is elaborate, but once you have a little practice almost anyone can do it. As ingredients we need: wheat flour, sugar, butter, yeast, eggs, milk, lemon, almonds, orange blossom water and candied fruits ... There is no better Christmas treat!

[Read +: Complete recipe for the roscón de Reyes]

- Traditional Christmas Carol of the Magi
The best Christmas soundtrack is Christmas carols. These popular songs, which everyone knows and sings with great enthusiasm during the Christmas season, can be sung at any time of the day: while you go to school in the car, during the shower, in front of the tree ... While children sing them, it can become a beautiful Christmas greeting, don't you think?

Here we leave you a beautiful Christmas carol that, how could it be otherwise, is carried out by the three Wise Men. It is the Christmas song of: 'The kings have already arrived and there were three of them. Melchor, Gaspar and the black Baltasar. Arrope and honey will bring you and a white coat of real alpaca.

- Write the letter to the Magi
The Magi are very far-sighted, that is why they like to have the children's letters very soon, as soon as possible. If your kids haven't written theirs yet ... quick! Luckily, they are still on time because, as their name suggests, the Kings are magical and they always have the solution. Choose a very nice model and write! You cannot forget to thank their Majesties for the gifts they left you last year.

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