Their Majesties the Magi of the East. Christmas story

Their Majesties the Magi of the East. Christmas story

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Who are the Magi? Also called Magi from the East, their origins lead us to the Bible. Thus, in chapter two, verse 1-12, of the Gospel of Saint Matthew, the path made by three 'magi' (so named because at that time the 'wise men' or astronomers were known as 'magi') is narrated. They followed a star until they reached Bethlehem.

There they visited and offered three gifts to the newborn Jesus: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Although the scriptures do not explain where the three kings came from, everything indicates that they came from Babylon or Persia, where the magi had a great influence.

Nor is it known for sure what they were or what they were called. In the fourteenth century, the Benedictine monk Bede, doctor of the church, described the Magi in a manuscript: 'Melchior, an old man with white hair and a long beard of the same color; Gaspar, younger and blond; and Baltasar, a black lord. '' In this way, Bede identified them as representatives of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Regarding the number of Three Wise Men, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar are accepted, although in different places it is assumed that there were two, four, and even twelve, as in Armenia. Similarly, his fate is uncertain after meeting the family of Jesus in Bethlehem.

Another enigma is the star that led them to the crib of the Child. For many scientists it was nothing more than a comet or a luminous meteor.

There are many theories that try to deepen what is written in the Bible, but what we do know for sure is that, over time, their Majesties the Magi became characters very loved by all children.

Every year, weeks before the arrival of Christmas, children begin to think about the gifts they want the Triwizard to bring them. It is the turn to write the letter to the Three Kings, a moment of enormous illusion and fantasy for the little ones. In it, the children tell how they have behaved throughout the year and what gift they would like to receive on January 6.

There is no single model, but each child can choose the format they like best; just as there are multiple ways to send your requests. Some choose to deposit them in the mailbox of supermarkets or toy stores, and others ask their parents to seal it and send it by conventional mail.

Whichever path you choose, don't forget to leave something to eat and drink for the Kings and their camels. Some sweet or fruit with a little water will surely come in handy to recharge your batteries.

The Three Kings Parade It is celebrated in all Spanish cities, and some Mexican ones, on the afternoon of January 5. The three Magi, accompanied by their pages and assistants, parade in floats through the streets of the municipalities throwing sweets to all the children, representing the path that they traveled in their day to Bethlehem.

It is a magical night in which tradition is mixed with faith and hope; the illusion of children with the adoration of the Kings to the child Jesus.

Every year, during the early hours of January 6, the Magi go to the children's homes to leave their gifts, just as they brought gold, incense and myrrh to the baby Jesus.

According to tradition, one of the things required by the Three Kings for children to receive their gifts is that they have behaved correctly and have been good during the year.

Those who meet these demands receive gifts, but those who do not behave as they should, instead of gifts receive coal, a sweet coal that symbolizes the need for the child to change his attitude.

After a magical night, nothing better than waking up with a sweet taste in your mouth. While the nougat are the protagonists of the Christmas desserts, the Roscón de Reyes is the protagonist of the table of January 6.

The roscón is a thin dough bun shaped like a ring, more or less rounded, decorated with pieces of candied fruits of many colors. And since the last third of the 20th century, cream, cream, chocolate, truffle or angel hair have been added to its interior.

This typical sweet of January 6 hides a small gift inside the dough. In ancient times, whoever found the surprise became the king of the meeting, but today it is said that the person who eats the piece that contains the gift will have to pay for the roscón.

January 5 is a special day to be with the family. Children are nervous to discover what their majesties will leave them at night and, the older ones, we will enjoy a lot seeing them that light that their innocent gaze has. Therefore, from, We want you to get the most out of them and make this day unforgettable.

- On the morning of January 5, it's time to get up early. You don't need to set your alarm clock, but you don't need to stay in bed until noon. There are many things to do!

- A fantastic idea that the Magi will surely appreciate is that the children leave them a letter written in their own hand encouraging them for that late-night work and to thank them for stopping by. If they cannot write yet, they can draw a picture.

- And as we know that after coming from the East, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar will be exhausted, How about we prepare something for them to regain strength? And also for his camels, don't forget!

- It is also very important clean our shoes and leave them next to the Bethlehem, so that they know the exact place where to leave the presents.

- You never know what time the Kings will arrive, so have dinner early and something light. This will be easy, but the hardest part is going to bed. So that they have sweet dreams and last all night without waking up, it is best that you show them beautiful stories about Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar.

For many children, the Three Wise Men are their great references and, even, their greatest heroes. Throughout the year they are not very present in their day to day, but the smallest of the house know that they are always watching them.

- Artaban, the fourth wizard king
What would you think if we told you that there are not three but four men who sneak into your house on the night of January 5? This theory is about this story by the American writer Henry Van Dyke

- The little camel
Gloria Fuertes wanted, through this story, to also pay tribute to the animals that accompany their majesties throughout their journey: the camels.

- Once upon a Twelfth Night
One of the things that most worries children is whether the Magi will know how to find their home. To solve this doubt, nothing better than to tell you this story, where the great protagonist is a shooting star.

- The three wise men
Another way for the children to know who Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar are is through this poetry that, for the oldest part of the house, it will not cost them much to memorize.

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