The girl who mobilized 4 million people against bullying

The girl who mobilized 4 million people against bullying

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Every year millions of children around the world are bullied, abused, insulted, ignored or harassed by other children. They are their peers, their classmates, children like them who cause them all that deep pain.

Bullying is so present in our societies that it is easy to find daily tragic news in the media of children who suffer or suffered from bullying. Some unfortunately lost the battle and others, like Lexie, give a glimmer of hope to all those children who continue to suffer, and that is Lexie, an American girl, managed to mobilize 4 million people against bullying.

Internet and social networks they are environments where the greatest and the most bitter can happen. It is a place where ruthless and cruel deeds can occur, but also generous and altruistic.

The latter happened when Lexie managed to mobilize more than 4 million people against bullying. This is his story:

Lexie was teased by other kids just for wearing glasses. At school they insulted her and made fun of her every day. His mother, inspired by the documentary against bullying The Bully Project (2011), published in 2014 on the Facebook page created after the documentary, a photo of Lexie. The girl was holding a paper on which you could read: 'I was harassed for wearing glasses. Share if you are against bullying. '

Lexie's photo caused a real revolution and began to receive messages from thousands of people. Families, children, mothers, fathers ... they all sent photos wearing glasses and messages full of encouragement. Lexie received a huge virtual hug from all those people who wore glasses or not, they considered that Lexie did not deserve that nobody made fun of her. 'The glasses are great', 'you are beautiful', 'we (soldiers) also wear glasses', 'always keep your head very high' ... these are just some of the messages the girl received.

Hurricane Lexie was such that Project Bully made a short film recounting its incredible story. A documentary that, like The Bully Project and others like it, should bring children closer so that they become aware of the irreparable damage that bullying can cause and what they should never do with another child.

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