Pregnant at Christmas. What to eat safely

Pregnant at Christmas. What to eat safely

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Christmas is a conflictive time when it comes to food and diet and, if you are pregnant, much more. The idea that we should not exaggerate with the changes we make in the diet during pregnancy does not work in the case of Christmas, which is a time full of excesses and changes in food.

In Christmas more than ever, pregnant women must take care of their diet to avoid unnecessary risks. Because due to inadequate nutrition, the fetus can be affected in its development, it can suffer malformations and there is even a risk of miscarriage.

Christmas meals are inevitably linked to seafood and that is when we think again about that eternal debate that is whether or not to eat seafood in pregnancy. If you're pregnant this Christmas, you don't have to skip the seafood dishes on the Christmas menu. To avoid taking risks, it is enough that you do not abuse and avoid, yes, eating raw seafood.

In reality, any raw food is a risk for pregnancy, so this Christmas have no qualms about eat well cooked meat and fish. So if you usually include sushi or carpaccio on the Christmas table, this year you will have to replace them with well-cooked foods. In this sense, it is also advisable to avoid smoked salmon, so typical of Christmas.

The goal of avoiding certain foods, such as raw or undercooked meat and fish, salmon or the classic ham, is to avoid diseases such as toxoplasmosis or listeriosis that can harm your baby's development. Do not hesitate to let yourself be pampered this Christmas and do not get carried away by the festive spirit, because you must take care of your diet more than ever.

You should also be careful with dairy products, which they cannot be made from unpasteurized milk. Avoid fresh cheese and make sure any homemade dessert is pasteurized. The same happens with pâté and foie which, as much as they turn out to be a delicacy on any Christmas table, for pregnancy they will be less dangerous the more they are processed.

Do not forget to maintain certain fundamental habits this Christmas, because these holidays are characterized by relaxing customs and adopting harmful habits. Don't let them smoke at family gatherings and don't try a drop of alcohol, not even champagne, because they are because they can endanger the pregnancy.

Laura Velez. Copywriter

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