School failure makes girls more depressed

School failure makes girls more depressed

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Perhaps it is the historical condition in which women have lived since patriarchy was imposed as a form of organization of society, but the truth is that American researchers have confirmed that school failures could impact more on women than on men.

However, school failure is a very questioned term, since not obtaining the academic degree does not imply that the person is necessarily a failure.

According to a protocol developed by the University of Washington, published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, adolescent girls who are expelled, suspended, or who dropped out of high school before graduation are more likely to suffer from severe depression at age 21 than boys with similar experiences.

It is no longer just that early female school failure leads to greater poverty, higher rates of need for public assistance and lower rates of job stability, but now those it causes to health must also be added to the list of damages girls mental. Fortunately, the study also ensures that proportionally fewer women fail in their studies. 45 percent of the girls and 68 percent of the boys included in the study experienced major academic failure, but 22 percent of the girls had later problems with depression, compared with 17 percent of the boys. Girls fail less, however, because they are more severe from a family, social and also psychological point of view, they tend to suffer more, and react to failure in a worse way.

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