The brave little tailor. Classic stories

The brave little tailor. Classic stories

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The children's stories of the brothers grimm they are part of the great collection of traditional literature for children. The stories in his books are full of morals and lessons that all children should know.

The brave little tailor It is one of those stories in which cunning and intelligence are praised above all else. Therefore, in Guiainfantil We show you this beautiful story for children with the aim of encouraging reading among the little ones.

There was a kingdom, whose population longed to destroy a horrible giant, because it was always damaging its crops. But this did not concern a young tailor. He just wanted to eat his bread and jam and kill the flies that wouldn't let him work.

One day, determined, he picked up his palm and, wham, seven flies fell one after another. "I killed seven in one hit!" He yelled. And proudly, he opened the window, repeating it at the top of his lungs. A man, who had been thinking of the giant, believed that he was referring to seven giants; he ran to tell the king: "The little tailor killed seven giants, with one blow."

The king and his daughter, the beautiful princess, ordered the brave little tailor to immediately approach the palace. "I expected the hero to be stronger," said the king when he saw the young and charming little tailor. "You must be very brave, to have killed seven giants with one blow."

"Giants?" Said the little tailor, intrigued, unable to clarify the mess, because at that very moment the pretty princess embraced him and the king approached him, to say affectionately:

"If you manage to capture the evil giant, I will not only give you treasures, but also the hand of my beautiful daughter, the princess." "Your Excellency," said the little tailor, "I will ponder your proposal," and he left, thinking: "I love the princess, but how would I kill a giant?" Suddenly, a shocking noise forced him to climb an orange tree. It was the giant and he almost stepped on it! He thought he was safe there, but the villain, seeing them so delicious, took several oranges to eat. Among them was our little friend. When he wanted to hide, he was already in the huge hand, face to face with the giant.

"I'm not afraid of you!" said the little tailor while swallowing hard, and immediately hid in the sleeve of his huge shirt.

It did not take long for the giant to capture him, taking him to the wine warehouse of his great castle. There, the little tailor told him: "I killed seven at a time, wham, could you have all the wine in this warehouse?" The giant looked at him, hurt in his self-esteem.

"You vile vermin, you will not humiliate me! Of course I can!", And the giant began to drink; but on the third barrel he fell to the ground totally drunk. Our little friend proceeded to chain him, and then gave notice to the court to take him to the dungeons. The little tailor was greeted with joy, and the king proceeded to marry his beautiful daughter to our brave little friend.


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