The most requested surgeries after childbirth

The most requested surgeries after childbirth

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Recovering the figure after pregnancy takes time and a lot of effort. As the arrival of the baby is a true revolution in the life of the mother at all levels, we may find ourselves without time to dedicate ourselves to ourselves. For this reason, many women choose plastic surgery to regain your figure after childbirth.

The physical changes that occur throughout the pregnancy leave a series of sequelae on the woman's body, as well as the moment of delivery. It is not easy for the body to regain its usual figure, so cosmetic surgery can be a good solution to feel comfortable with yourself and in your role as mother. These are the most demanded surgeries after delivery.

1- The tummy tuck It is one of the most demanded surgeries after pregnancy. It consists of eliminating or reducing excess skin and stretch marks, shaping the waist and repositioning the muscles of the abdomen.

2- The mammopexy aims to lift the breasts, firming the skin, eliminating sagging and elevating the nipple and areola. Many times, this surgery is accompanied by either a breast augmentation or a reduction.

3- The Transabdomine mammoplastyHe recovers the shape of the abdomen and breast implants are placed in the same surgery, thus considerably improving the mother's figure.

4- The liposculpture It is one of the most requested surgeries and not only by women who want to regain their figure after childbirth. It consists of extracting fat from areas of the body such as the thighs, abdomen or waist to inject it into the breasts and buttocks and shape the body with a very successful result.

The decision to undergo surgery for cosmetic purposes after delivery is up to the individual woman, but there are some recommendations to consider before making that decision. Most surgeries should wait between six months and a year after delivery and you also have to take into account the period of breastfeeding.

In the same way, some reconstructive surgeries are not recommended until the woman has decided not to have more children, since with a new pregnancy, the effects of the surgery would be nullified. And in any case, although plastic surgery is close to miraculous results, does not exclude the practice of physical exercise after childbirth.

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