How to remove paint stains from children's clothing

How to remove paint stains from children's clothing

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When the children are young their souls are free and creative, and one of the most common ways to express your imagination is through drawings and especially colors. Many children love to paint, draw and use paints with which to feel like real artists.

But what happens when the paintings don't stay on the canvas, the paper, or the skin itself, and pierce the clothes? Knowing the best home remedies to end paint on fabrics will solve many situations with the little artists of the house.

When we see that the stain is recent, the best we can do is soak it, but always with cold water. The hot one is best used in other types of situations, either when the stains are difficult to remove, or when they have been on the fabric for a while. If our child has just stained the garment, it is best to place it in a basin with a pretty cold water.

Have a product on hand that dilutes the painting it is very practical in these cases, especially when the stain has just been done. It will not damage the garment excessively and with the help of cold water it will be able to come out little by little. In these first moments we can also get a little Detergent to rub gently and let it dry in sunlight.

When the stain in question has been on the clothes for a long time, what we must do is act beyond the water or paint thinner, as well as the detergent, since these actions can be done at the end, when we have already 'attacked' the stain.

Turpentine: It can be harmful to the garment and the hem will probably remain, but it will make the color and almost the entire stain disappear completely.

Spatula: With the help of a stick, spoon or spatula, once the paint is completely dry, we can start to lift it. The solvent can also be useful to push and that the strong part of the paint goes away. Afterwards, we will wait a few hours and enter the garment in warm water, since we will use cold water if it was recent.

White vinegar: With this product, a stain that takes a while can easily get out. With a toothbrush that we no longer use, we can rub from the opposite part to the affected area so that the paint dissolves in the fabric.

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