Care with the skin of babies and children in summer

Care with the skin of babies and children in summer

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Taking extreme precautions when it comes to children never hurts, especially in health. One of the most important sections in terms of prevention is the Solar protection. Avoiding sunburn, as well as other skin complaints in childhood, especially in the first years of children's lives, can prevent skin cancer in adult life.

Children's skin is very delicate. It is essential that protective cream is applied and that the time of exposure of children to the sun is controlled. You can also avoid burns by wearing T-shirts to protect yourself from the sun. And don't forget the sunglasses. The sun's rays are reflected in the water, so you will have to be more careful when you go to the beach and the pool, to avoid a possible eye injury.

Thinking about it, has prepared a series of tips to protect the skin of children in summer. It is very important that in summer, when children's skin is more exposed to the sun, that some care is taken to avoid burns as well as other discomfort to children's skin.

Sun protection for the family. Protecting children from the sun not only prevents sunburn, but also the appearance of skin cancer in adulthood. our site offers some measures to protect children over 3 years from solar radiation. Tips for the whole family.

Prevention of skin cancer. On June 13, the European Skin Cancer Prevention Day is celebrated to educate the population about the importance of preventing this disease from childhood and, especially, to sensitize adolescents, since they tend to sunbathe without precaution .

Sun protection for babies. How to protect the baby from the sun. Sun protection measures for children under one year of age, for older children and for the whole family. Using a sunscreen regularly, during the first 18 years of life, can reduce the risk of skin cancer by up to 78 percent.

Baby's basket for summer. The baby's trousseau in the hot months. What to include in the basket for babies born in hot months. Baby's shopping list for the hot months. What to buy for the baby's trousseau.

Sweat on the baby's skin. Sudamina is very common in the first months of life in babies. Sometimes the pimples can appear scattered or appear together to form reddish bumps. It can also be itchy because the skin is inflamed.

Sun protection in children with freckles. When should we worry about the appearance of moles and freckles in children and what sun protection is suitable for them. Interview with the dermatologist Ángela Hernández Martín.

Sun protection in playgrounds. We explain how sun protection should be for children in playgrounds. What care should we have with children in playgrounds to avoid melanoma or skin cancer.

Children allergic to the sun. Sun allergy symptoms are uncomfortable, especially for children, because they are itchy and the skin appears to burn. To protect children from these symptoms, our site offers 8 tips to protect children from allergies.

Sun creams for children. Sun creams for babies and children. The most suitable sun protection factor (SPF) for children. What type of sunscreen do I buy for my child? How do I apply sun creams on children's skin?

Lactating babies in the sun. Sunlight is a source of life for our children, since, among other things, it allows our body to manufacture vitamin D. A daily walk with due protection is not only pleasant, but also beneficial for their health, but with babies we must be especially careful, as the sun's rays can cause irritation, dehydration or burns.

Child allergy to the sun. Child allergy. Sun allergy. Among allergic reactions to the sun, two types must be distinguished: one is solar urticaria, which is triggered directly by the sun, and the other is the photoallergic reaction, which is caused by other substances when they come into contact with sunlight. .

Skin care with the sun. Do not play with the sun nor should it be neglected. We cannot forget that children's skin is very sensitive. The colors that the sun's rays paint on a child's face can turn into a burn.

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