Advantages of playing the piano for children

Advantages of playing the piano for children

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For children it is essential to play sports and also reserve part of their time to play and have fun. But we cannot forget the importance of music in the development of any child, that is why we find it interesting to instill in them a taste for music from a young age and teach them to play an instrument.

Music not only relaxes, but also stimulates many skills in children. One of the musical instruments preferred by all families is the piano, which has multiple benefits on a physical, intellectual and emotional level. We discovered the advantages of playing the piano for children.

Sometimes we focus on sports activity in order to stimulate the physical development of children, but music also has many benefits in this regard. One of the main advantages of playing the piano for children is that it stimulates coordination and visual and motor skills.

Halfway between physical and intellectual benefits, the piano strengthens the neural connections in the brain, it promotes concentration and attention span and strengthens memory. The piano is also used to help children relax, so it can be a good option for more nervous children.

On an intellectual level there seems to be a relationship between playing the piano and getting better school grades. This may be because the piano stimulates the learning capacity and helps the child develop certain skills as diverse as mathematical calculations or verbal communication.

We can also look at the amount of benefits that playing the piano has on an emotional level.

1. Shy or unsociable children find in music the means to feel part of a group and also to express your emotions through the piano. For both children and adults, the piano is the best medicine against loneliness and sad mood.

2. Logically, music develops the most sensitive side of any child, providing values ​​as important as empathy and teaching them from a very young age to appreciate the taste for beauty.

3. Furthermore, children who play the piano become children capable of using their creativity in all areas of life and aware of the usefulness of effort to achieve their goals.

With all these benefits, it is most tempting to push our children to play the piano, but we cannot forget that music should not be imposed. It is one thing to instill in them the love for the music and it is quite another to decide for them which instrument to play, because nobody better than them to know through which musical instrument they can best express themselves.

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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