Types of baby diapers

Types of baby diapers

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The diapers will be used by our little ones from birth to approximately two years, regardless of the type of diaper we use, disposable or cloth; must meet one goal: keep baby dry and comfortable

Formerly babies were covered with cloth gauze, usually cotton; Disposable diapers appeared in Sweden in the 1940s, they were made with a layer of cellulose.

In the USA, plastic covers were created and improvements were made, such as elastics on the waist and legs or velcro straps.

Disposable diapers became popular in the 1970s, and today almost 80% of Western parents use these products. The great disadvantage of these diapers is the environmental impact: some environmental organizations estimate that it can take up to five hundred years to degrade.

On the other hand, cloth diapers have evolved a lot over time and today they have absorbent cores of threads and double layers, which keep the baby dry for longer. They have a very important environmental impact since washing them requires a large amount of energy and water.

Regarding savings, cloth diapers end up being cheaper Although at the beginning you have to make a significant outlay, but once you have them they last you for many years. You can wash them hundreds of times.

Cloth diapers are made up of a cloth absorbent for urine and a waterproof layer on the outside, to prevent moisture from entering the baby's clothing. A thin disposable piece of paper called a 'liner' can be inserted to collect the stools.

There are many types of cloth diapers to suit the needs of each family

- All in one (All in one or also AIO): it is the closest thing to a conventional diaper: the waterproof layer, the absorbent core and the inner fabric are sewn in one piece.

- Adjustable diapers: In these diapers, the diaper itself and the cover are two separate pieces. Since the cover is not always dirty, fewer covers are needed than diapers.

- Refillable diapers: they are diapers made up of an outer layer of polyester and an inner layer, usually fleece. The absorbent is removable. As the diaper is open at the back, you can put one or two absorbents. There are microfiber, bamboo, hemp or cotton absorbents. Depending on the baby's needs, they become more or less absorbent, for example, at night one more is put on so that it can last for many hours.

- Folding diapers: they are the diapers of 'old'. They are cotton gauze that is folded to give them a certain shape. Once folded, they are held with a special clamp and a cover is placed over them. This type of diaper is very inexpensive. It works better with newborns, then the children move a lot, the diaper goes out of shape, the pee is more abundant ...

All these diapers are available in various sizes or in one size fits most. The sizes have the advantage of being more adjusted to the baby's body while the one size in small babies is quite bulky. Therefore, its cost is higher because, as the baby grows, you have to change the diapers and buy a size larger. On the other hand, the one size is cheaper but can make a bit of bulk.

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